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3 dean ganoIn the Wake of this corona virus pandemic it has occurred to me that while our governments are created for the protection and safety of the citizens, they may not be doing a very good job of this. Here is my analysis of the current situation as of April 15, 2020.

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Creator of Apollo Root Cause Analysis, I have been working to help people be better problem solvers for over 20 years. My current mission is to bring the process to the masses by creating new tools and teaching techniques to anyone interested in effective problem solving.

Specialties: Effective Problem Solving for any kind of human situation.

The Governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee, recently issued a second Stay Home Order; here is a condensed version of the Governor’s reasons for this action:

Back in the 1950’s.  Before many of us were born, a remnant of WWII still haunted the world.  With the amount of European land given to Russia after the war, the Soviet Union threatened to become an economic and nuclear giant in our world.  Many, both here and in Europe, flirted with the idea that communism could be as viable as capitalism and maybe even more efficient.  They created the Communist Party, USA, a political party to advance their beliefs. There were others that warned communism could only work if the citizens gave up their individualism and personal rights to the state, and as usual when a threat is real or thought to be true, the people take notice.

Governor Inslee’s Illegal Lockdown Orders, by Dean L. Gano -- 11/25/2020


The governor’s orders are illegal on several fronts. First, he has no right as a Governor to write laws. His job is to enforce the laws our elected congress passes. Secondly, the act of locking someone down, be it a business or a person, aside from being unprecedented, is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. State officials can justify a lockdown under the traditional police powers of the state if they could show they are actually protecting the health of the citizenry, but they cannot.

The original concept of state powers being able to do whatever they wanted was modified by the Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibits the states from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

This article is reprinted from the "Epoch Times," and was written by local resident, Lt. Colonel Jim McKinney, retired.

VIEWPOINT: by Jim McKinney, December 12, 2019

Progressives, Democrat strategists, and the powerful elite class fell into a political trap. They dug it themselves. Their only hope of escape: complicit media outlets and an ignorant public.

If they successfully impeach the president, they will set a precedent that will change the United States forever. But they’re deep in the trap themselves. The American people, and President Donald Trump, are smarter than the elite believe.

Today's show topics: "How to eat healthy -- to stay healthy -- in the midst of a world of unknowns?" And, "How green and healthy is a green economy?"

2020 Election Opinion, by Jim McKinney

My analysis and opinion on the upcoming U.S. election may offend some, encourage others, confuse a few. I have spent my career collecting, analyzing, and disseminating predictive intelligence to senior U.S. decision makers. The stakes were high; bad intelligence costs lives. Personal bias was unacceptable - objectivity, accuracy, timely information essential.  

News Flash - Donald Trump did not win the Presidency in 2016 because he was a nice guy. Both political parties despised him; he was not presidential, he spoke plainly, and he offended many by his style.  Media labeled him a racist and a fascist.

"COVID-19 and Real Science," has been authored by EJ Ledet and Dean Gano, for publication and dissemination in an effort to increase the knowledge, reduce the fear, and shed light on the world's blackout of common sense. ~ Liberty Road


The hottest topic in politics and medicine today is COVID-19. Within this narrative there seems to be a recurring discussion about “Real Science,” and what it is or is not. To better understand this and get politics out of the way, we take a look at what defines science and politics, and then use the principles of evidence-based causation to review COVID-19 and how it infects cells and our immune system. Using a meta-analysis approach to understand all the known causal relationships of this disease we found that science has already produced a cure for COVID-19, but because of systemic failures in our government and scientific communities, many people have unnecessarily died.

Areas Covered

Using 18 NIH studies and more than 50 other technical references, this paper defines several different ways the COVID-19 virus attacks our body and how it responds. It also describes how the 17 comorbidity conditions defined by the CDC are involved in nearly all deaths. We also discuss some serious contradictions involving Big Pharma and political decisions, along with why we believe vaccines are not the answer to this pandemic.

Without the ability to trade with one another, we are all back to subsistence living. Back to living on what we can create ourselves in our backyards. hile this will result in that American “pot belly” disappearing, it is not what we should strive for in our international relations.`Lorraine Newman

Our thanks to Ag Newswire for the following report on how a trade agreement that did not require Congressional approval will benefit the farming communities in our country:

Montana Farm Bureau is applauding the trade deal between the United States and Japan that will further open markets for both countries. Agriculture is among the biggest beneficiaries.

“Every farmer in Montana understands the importance of trade and with the trade agreement leveling the playing field and opening up more markets, it’s beneficial for all Montana farmers and ranchers,” said MFBF President Hans McPherson. “In Montana we produce the world’s best wheat, and Japan loves it.”

1 megaphoneHow’s it going in Chaz (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone)

Well, protesters are finding out just what it takes to turn their feelings into effective actions. 

Feeding the masses:

They have a great feeling of compassion for the homeless, so they invited them in to share their food.  The homeless did more than share, they ate it all.  Now there are calls for food donations because the stores that they have tagged are closed.

They feel they should have the right for their more expensive food tastes to be honored – so they have asked that the donations be vegan - soy, oatmeal, veggies, etc.  They may discover that the adage beggars cannot be choosers will come into play on this request.

This comment was submitted to Northwest Citizen by Ellen Baker, of Glacier, Washington, in response to their article. It is with her permission that we published her respone to the article on Liberty Road.

Northwest Citizen article link: Link

Ellen Baker, Glacier, Washington, Nov 01, 2020

I, for one, bristle at the suggestion that “individualism” is in itself toxic or a danger to the social fabric. The nature of homo sapiens is individualistic. Every human arrives unique, differing significantly from one’s parents, sibs, and even from like minded peers. Differing brings depth to life, culture and civilization. So I see individuality and “individualism” as the norm, not an aberration.


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