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This article was researched and submitted by EJ Ledet, a local chemical engineer who also specializes in chemical science. Mr. Ledet has submitted this for publication and I have agreed with the caveat that this article is not a recommendation, but an informational resource for readily available supplements like zinc and selinium, which have promising properties in boosting your immune system to stay avoid contracting communicable diseases like the coronavirus.

This is not a medical recommendation and is only published for the benefit of those who are looking for ways to stay as healthy as possible. It is also recommended that you take the time to ask your physician if you are taking any medications that would not interact well with these two mineral/supplements, or if you have any underlying medical issues that may be negatively affected by these supplements

Maybe the best remedy is to boost our immune systems with Zinc supplements. Research on other Corona viruses ( SARS a close cousin of CoV19, MERS , HIV, rhinovirus “cold” virus, ) have used zinc with a carrier (ionophore) molecule ( metal chelate/ligand like “pyrithione,” which in itself is effective against bacteria and fungus of which two commonly known are dermatitis and dandruff.

The local chapter of RE Sources for a Sustainable Community sent out a "call to action" to their supporters which urges them to bombard the Whatcom County Council with form letters to ask that the Council vote to extend the Cherry Point Industries moratorium. They made it super-easy for their members to bombard the Council by providing them with a pre-written form letter which they'll submit for them at no cost, this same organization who receives "thousands-of-your-tax-dollars" from this Council. It even contains a special module that let's them add their own personalized touch to the email; then with the click of a  button--WOOSH!, off it goes. Their anything-but grassroots message goes directly into the Whatcom County Council's email inbox, to be counted against the economic future and vitality of our community. Shoot, they've even got a handy-dandy button to make it easy-as-pie to forward this email to the members email contact list.

With the permission of Fredrick Su, Liberty Road is publishing his letter to the Bellingham School District, regarding their most recent publication mailer sent out to the entirety of the Bellingham School District 'and' published on their website. ~ LR

Editor, Inside Schools

I just read parts of the Summer 2020 issue of Inside Schools.

Joe Biden promised us a long dark winter if he was elected, and the state of Washington has just entered it thanks to Governor Inslee.  What can we expect?  COVID will still exist on the other side. 

dark wntr

This winter, we will see the death of more businesses, the change in our buying habits which will favor big businesses like Amazon. 

In the meantime, we will see the increase in teen suicide in our state to continue to climb.

~ An article by David Spring

David Spring Curriculum Vitae: Degrees in Science Education from Washington State University and the University of Washington; 20 years teaching courses in Problem Solving at Bellevue College.

In April 2020, I became alarmed that the “emergency” policies being dictated in Washington State would cause much more harm than good. Therefore, on May 8, 2020, I published a 400-page book including more than 200 scientific studies analyzing the harm created by closing schools and locking down the economy. You can read this book for free at this website: Common Sense Book dot org.

We in Washington love our coffee.  We share our hopes and dreams over coffee.  We share family news over coffee.  We share the things we have heard that we will not commit to the sterile environs of our social media.  It is the single thing we missed the most during lock downs. Even though we had zoom meetings and skype calls, they were not the same.

From time to time, Liberty Road will share with you the things we have heard over our cups of coffee. More than the news media, what we share over our cups of coffee (or tea) indicate how things are really going in our immediate world in real time.  We trust this information because it comes from real people we have grown to trust over the years. 

Pick up your cup of  coffee and join us…..

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During my travels last week, I had two conversations with two vastly different people.

The first was with a young woman who has just entered the job force. She is pursuing her American dream. A dream that takes her from the desperate circumstances of birth and, through education and a small business employer, allows her to pursue a better life.

2 handsFrom my vantage I can clearly see the steep hill she is climbing. Not unlike the one my great grandfather walked up behind a flock of sheep on the way to homestead land. It took our family four generations to achieve the Great American Dream. I do not think any of us regret the struggle. It has made us who we are, hard working and grateful and not in need of government assistance. This young woman is at the beginning, considering her options. She has a job. She has college debt. She also has government assistance for rent. We had a conversation about the forgiveness of student loans. From her viewpoint this would be a huge help. It would improve her credit rating and put her closer to being able to purchase her own home.

It is political debate season now is the time to have this discussion!

Congressman Rick Larsen has represented western Washington for 11 Terms or 22 years.


When you live West Coast, that is a long time to spend away from your elected homebase and still say you are connected to us. We had a little window into this at the debate held in Whatcom County. The debate question was about supporting the war in Ukraine with more funds. You could tell from the audience response that many were concerned about this spending of our precious tax dollars.

How To Treat Long COVID, by Dean L. Gano, E.J. Ledet & Kris Halterman; November 2022

After the first wave of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, people reported persistent symptoms weeks or months following their SARS-CoV-2 infection. So, what is it, and how can you treat it?

What is it?

long covidAccording to the World Health Organization, Post COVID-19 condition, also known as long COVID, or long-haulers syndrome occurs in individuals with a history of probable or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. In one study 1 of 1.7 million people worldwide they found that: 23% had fatigue; 14% memory problems; 13% shortness of breath; 11% sleep problems; 10% joint pain; 9% concentration, confusion, and brain fog; 8% ea. of anxiety and loss of taste; 7% ea. of cough, depression, hair-loss, loss of smell; and eleven other minor symptoms like headaches and diarrhea.

Early studies in September 2020 reported that 10 to 30 percent of people 2 who were infected have experienced it. As more-and-more people have been vaccinated and contracted COVID-19 the condition has increased. A more recent study 3 in April 2022 reported that more than 43% of those infected with COVID-19 developed at least one long-term symptom with a meantime to the onset symptoms approximately 60 days following infection.

The New Congress and the Midterm Vote Investigations, by Doris Smith

congressIn a press conference this week, Congressmen James Comer and Jim Jordan laid out plans to investigate the Biden family influence peddling scheme—centering their investigation on Joe Biden himself. They also dedicated themselves to investigating the politicization of the Department of Justice which is targeting and suppressing an increasingly mobilized and awakened citizenry, in addition to attempting to eliminate Donald Trump from politics. You can watch that press conference here. I think it is quite engaging!

Additional investigations are targeting the Department of Homeland Security under Alejandro Mayorkas—-both for its open border and support for Mexican drug cartels policies as well as for its efforts to coordinate with Silicon Valley and the White House in suppressing free speech and dissent. This investigation will lay the groundwork for Mayorkas’ impeachment.


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