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The local chapter of RE Sources for a Sustainable Community sent out a "call to action" to their supporters which urges them to bombard the Whatcom County Council with form letters to ask that the Council vote to extend the Cherry Point Industries moratorium. They made it super-easy for their members to bombard the Council by providing them with a pre-written form letter which they'll submit for them at no cost, this same organization who receives "thousands-of-your-tax-dollars" from this Council. It even contains a special module that let's them add their own personalized touch to the email; then with the click of a  button--WOOSH!, off it goes. Their anything-but grassroots message goes directly into the Whatcom County Council's email inbox, to be counted against the economic future and vitality of our community. Shoot, they've even got a handy-dandy button to make it easy-as-pie to forward this email to the members email contact list.

With the permission of Fredrick Su, Liberty Road is publishing his letter to the Bellingham School District, regarding their most recent publication mailer sent out to the entirety of the Bellingham School District 'and' published on their website. ~ LR

Editor, Inside Schools

I just read parts of the Summer 2020 issue of Inside Schools.

Whatcom County has posted a 'Request for Proposal' (RFP) for a consultant to make recommendations regarding the establishment of a new, “Whatcom County Racial Equity Commission,” caught the eye of a local resident when it first surfaced.  The “bid opportunity” alert didn’t include the scope, and the email below (second alert) about RFP 21-19 sparked curiosity even more. The resident wondered  ...”Have they already got some ‘partner’ in mind? - why the second blip, not enough responses to fill-out a bid-tab?”

By Jim McKinney, First Printed in the Epoch Times April 1st, 2020. Updated April 22nd, 2020

The COVID 19 pandemic and subsequent global economic shutdown has had dramatic consequences for numerous industries. The shutdown has forced London Metal Exchange (LME) prices for aluminum below sustainable levels for U.S. based producers. Heavily subsidized Chinese aluminum producers will soon cost more U.S. manufacturing jobs. Today, April 22nd, Alcoa announced the curtailment of its Ferndale WA Intalco smelter, a move that will impact the local and state economy and drive the U.S. deeper under Chinese control of a critical defense related industry.

downloadWashington's 42nd District State Senator, Doug Ericksen, has proposed solutions for how to restore faith and integrity into local, state, and national elections. Elections are controlled by 'state legislators', so it is inherent that they step up to the challenge of what can only be described as 'intentional chaos' to the 2020 General Elections. Apparently there are some people who did not like this idea and decided to rain some 'hate' down upon Senator Ericksen.

This last week we heard about and read about the money that is in this year’s Whatcom County elections.  So okay.  Let’s focus on the money.  It can make a difference.  The slicker an ad, the catchier the phrase, the more often you hear it, sways voters.  What kind of voters does money sway?  The last-minute uninvolved voter.  Why is this a big deal?  Because as we have often seen in Whatcom County many voters do not actually know the person they vote for. 

This article is reprinted from the "Epoch Times," and was written by local resident, Lt. Colonel Jim McKinney, retired.

VIEWPOINT: by Jim McKinney, December 12, 2019

Progressives, Democrat strategists, and the powerful elite class fell into a political trap. They dug it themselves. Their only hope of escape: complicit media outlets and an ignorant public.

If they successfully impeach the president, they will set a precedent that will change the United States forever. But they’re deep in the trap themselves. The American people, and President Donald Trump, are smarter than the elite believe.


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