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This last week we heard about and read about the money that is in this year’s Whatcom County elections.  So okay.  Let’s focus on the money.  It can make a difference.  The slicker an ad, the catchier the phrase, the more often you hear it, sways voters.  What kind of voters does money sway?  The last-minute uninvolved voter.  Why is this a big deal?  Because as we have often seen in Whatcom County many voters do not actually know the person they vote for. 

This article is reprinted from the "Epoch Times," and was written by local resident, Lt. Colonel Jim McKinney, retired.

VIEWPOINT: by Jim McKinney, December 12, 2019

Progressives, Democrat strategists, and the powerful elite class fell into a political trap. They dug it themselves. Their only hope of escape: complicit media outlets and an ignorant public.

If they successfully impeach the president, they will set a precedent that will change the United States forever. But they’re deep in the trap themselves. The American people, and President Donald Trump, are smarter than the elite believe.


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