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Joe Biden promised us a long dark winter if he was elected, and the state of Washington has just entered it thanks to Governor Inslee.  What can we expect?  COVID will still exist on the other side. 

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This winter, we will see the death of more businesses, the change in our buying habits which will favor big businesses like Amazon. 

In the meantime, we will see the increase in teen suicide in our state to continue to climb.

~ An article by David Spring

David Spring Curriculum Vitae: Degrees in Science Education from Washington State University and the University of Washington; 20 years teaching courses in Problem Solving at Bellevue College.

In April 2020, I became alarmed that the “emergency” policies being dictated in Washington State would cause much more harm than good. Therefore, on May 8, 2020, I published a 400-page book including more than 200 scientific studies analyzing the harm created by closing schools and locking down the economy. You can read this book for free at this website: Common Sense Book dot org.

It is political debate season now is the time to have this discussion!

Congressman Rick Larsen has represented western Washington for 11 Terms or 22 years.


When you live West Coast, that is a long time to spend away from your elected homebase and still say you are connected to us. We had a little window into this at the debate held in Whatcom County. The debate question was about supporting the war in Ukraine with more funds. You could tell from the audience response that many were concerned about this spending of our precious tax dollars.

Two months ago, we all agreed that something should be done to protect those among us that would be at risk of dying from COVID-19.  Taking care of others is a very laudable attribute, especially in a society of individualists like us.

So, our government decided that EVERYONE needed to go home except ESSENTIAL workers.  And here is where the problems began.  We made a list that included the practical and the ridiculous.

This current story resonated: Democrat State Senator Mona Dias Lies About Victimhood, published on ShiftWa.org.

In our country long ago, we made decisions that policies and procedures continuing "conscious" racist actions were not acceptable. School access, bus seat access, water fountain access, restaurant access, motel access, employment access, lending access could not be determined by your race. Property damage scare tactics and bodily injury were no longer condoned when racially motivated.

3 dean ganoIn the Wake of this corona virus pandemic it has occurred to me that while our governments are created for the protection and safety of the citizens, they may not be doing a very good job of this. Here is my analysis of the current situation as of April 15, 2020.

About Dean Gano

Creator of Apollo Root Cause Analysis, I have been working to help people be better problem solvers for over 20 years. My current mission is to bring the process to the masses by creating new tools and teaching techniques to anyone interested in effective problem solving.

Specialties: Effective Problem Solving for any kind of human situation.

The Governor of the State of Washington, Jay Inslee, recently issued a second Stay Home Order; here is a condensed version of the Governor’s reasons for this action:


This is the home page for our opinions that are focused primarily on Washington State Economics. The 10 most recent opinions on these economic issues are shown on this page with the rest on subsequent pages. 

This is the home page for our opinions that are focused primarily on Washington State Politics. The 10 most recent opinions on these political issues are shown on this page with the rest on subsequent pages.