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There’s a lot of buzz being created by local, state , and national candidates about social equality and paying for huge social programs by instituting a “wealth tax.” It is important for voters to understand the differences between income tax and wealth tax.

An income tax is placed on your annual earned income (wages aka property) cumulative for the year.

A wealth tax is assessed every year on money and tangible or intangible assets of value earned and retained (already taxed), then after subtracting your cumulative liabilities the difference is defined as your net worth; your wealth factor.

How long do you believe that anyone with the money to be charged a wealth “stripping” tax (robbing someone of their after tax property) would choose to stay in a nation so ignorant of basic economic principles that created the wealthiest and best nation on earth? Don’t be fooled by the lies. A wealth tax is a head-fake that plays on the human condition of jealousy. Jealousy corrupts your moral compass to take what others earned, which all feeds envy and greed to take it rather than earn it.

Wake up America. Wake up your children. It’s not too late.

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