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Host Kris Halterman will interviews Tim Eyman and Phil Fortunato, Republican candidates for Washington State Governor.


Been to Fred Meyers lately? Have you noticed how jumpy people are? How short people are on self-control?


Take for instance "Facebook" banning our page from boosting this article and very likely shadow banning the interviews we are doing of candidates. They have been doing a lot of that lately, and they will not tell you why.

We are now experiencing the Covd-19 Fight or flight period. It is a direct response to the closing of our society for lengthy periods of time and Facebook is doing exactly the opposite of what they should do to all of us.

We need to reach out. We need to state our fears out loud. We need to hear ourselves think. It is not HEALTHY for our society to shut up.

This is an article worth reading while you attempt to navigate these new times. Loneliness happens even if there is another person with you. It is that isolation you feel when you have lost a connection with someone who is important to you: your parent, your child, your grandchildren, your pastor, your book club, your bowling team. Loneliness is serious, because it can be as deadly as obesity. It can cause people to try solutions that are equally as deadly such as alcohol, or drugs, or hording--as they attempt to cope.

Our politicians and entities like Facebook are attempting to push us into this isolation. Our natural response to fight is what you are seeing from the Fred Meyers customers; from those nasty young people who delivered your refrigerator, to the edgy people that are attempting to purchase goods that are no longer readily available at the bike shop, car dealers, or appliance stores. What we cannot yet see is the equally natural response of flight, so be aware of those around you who are isolating.

We want our readers to stay safe and healthy during these times, so read the article, examine how you are feeling, and reach out. Do not choose to withdraw. Reach out to us, Reach out to others and share your thoughts.


Staying engaged is your best defense against the malady of loneliness that can be as deadly as COVID-19 -- as we walk the Liberty Road together.