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Part One: Anthony Welti is running for the office of Insurance Commissioner for the State of Washington. What exactly does the state insurance commissioner do and what changes would Anthony work on as the Insurance Commissioner for the people of Washington State?

Part Two: Fred Su wrote a letter to the Bellingham School Board to express his opposition to their decision to implement new curriculum from the 1619 Project, a curriculum that has a lot of controversy regarding its historical accuracy and divisive nature to focus on “white privilege.” Fred will join host Kris Halterman to discuss this and a few other things he would like to share with the listeners.


Whatcom County Prosecuting Attorney, Eric Richey, was interviewed on “Liberty Live” – Conversations with Kris Halterman, on Thursday. You can watch the interview at the Liberty Road Facebook page: www.facebook.com/smllibertyroad .

Public Announcement: The Slidewaters, operating in Chelan Washington have announced that they will be closing for the season and laying off 150 employees because the Inslee Administration has shown a total disrespect for their business and put the boot of government upon them to prevent them from operating their family-friendly, healthy, stress reducing and specialized recreational business. The Inslee Administration has shown great disregard to recreational business and prevent them from operating under the science required to show that they can operate safely. Operate a marijuana warehouse, manufacturing, or retailing operation? You are essential. Operate distillery, liquor/alcohol store? You are essential. Own a soccer team, baseball team, football team, or swimming team? You are essential. Provide a recreational facility like Slidewaters, gyms, tennis clubs, bowling center, and numerous other healthy and capable businesses? Sorry you are not essential, and you will have to wait until Phase 3 or 4.

  • Whatcom County’s current COVID stats:
  • Confirmed cases – 749 (44.4 vs the Gov’s required <25)
  • Hospitalizations – 67 (WC @ 79.2% capacity; under the required 80% from Inslee Admin)
  • Covid hospitalization – 1.9%
  • Deaths from Covid in WC – 36 (-5 deaths from last week’s stats)

Tune-into this show the next 2-Saturdays as I will be interviewing 4-gubenatorial candidates:

  • July 25th – Tim Eyman at 8:00 AM
  • July 25th – Phil Fortunato at 8:30 AM
  • Aug 1st – Joshua Freed at 8:00 AM
  • Aug 1st – Loren Culp at 8:30 AM

There will also be unique and unscripted live interviews with some of these candidates shared on Liberty Road’s Facebook page. Stay tuned for event announcements on these interviews; they will be posted to the LR Facebook. If you have not liked and followed this page, please do, so you can stay connected on local news that affects your civil liberties.


Okay, everyone agrees that one of the most important issues before the state is to reopen our public schools. So, what is stopping them? Is it really fear of coronavirus? The science says that young kids are not carriers/transferrers of the virus. Afraid that your child will get coronavirus? Science shows that over 99% of young children get little or no symptoms. Did we stop educating our children during the flu season or a measles outbreak? What is really going on?

Let me be clear here; I value every life and I also value the lives of all the children, young adults, adults, and seniors who have been harmed by the virus. The harm from the virus is more than just contracting it; the harm from the virus that has far outweighed the number of people who have contracted the virus are all of the people who have not seen their children and their grandchildren; the number of people who have had their livelihoods curtailed and financially destroyed; the number of people who are currently living off the largesse of unemployment checks who have no clue that their job is likely gone for good and all that federal stimulus money added to their check from the state, will soon be $2400 less per month.

Where were all of you concerned teachers, government workers and protesters during the May/June and in some states, continual protests/riots/vandalism/assaults? Why weren’t you expressing this feigned concern for not only the victimized businesses and employees of these businesses, the people who live in these destroyed cities, where was your concern for the children then? Your hypocrisy is showing loud-and-clear to the people and businesses who you are planning to “tax” ever more to make up for all this lost revenue.

You have destroyed the economy. You have encouraged these businesses to take on more debt in hopes that their business will survive, and their business model is still viable with all the new regulations being sent down from the governor’s office. Our representative government is AWOL and the Party in charge has yet to demand to take back their duty to “represent” their constituents.

Well many of you have and all should be receiving their Voters pamphlet and Primary Voters ballots in the mail. It is time for the silent majority to vote. It is time for the business owners in Washington State to vote. It is time for the thousands, if not millions of people whose lives and livelihoods have been lost under the Inslee Administration to send them this message: You Are Fired!