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Host Kris Halterman and Lorraine Newman interview Tim Johnson, Director, Public and Government Affairs at Phillips 66 'and' State Senator Doug Ericksen, about the recent news that P66 has shut down their $1 BILLION Renewable Energy project, which was slated to be built at their Ferndale operations at Cherry Point.
Also up for discussion will be the state legislature's proposals for sex-education in K - 5th grade 'and' the state government declaring that there is a childcare crisis in our state. There is a crisis and there's been a crisis since the state legislature passed their regulations that chased all the mom-and-pop home day-cares out of business.



preschool kidsState Rep. Tana Senn (D-Mercer Island) introduced bipartisan legislation today to make childcare more affordable and more accessible for families across Washington state. The Fair Start for Kids Act would reduce childcare copays, support childcare providers and build more childcare facilities.

“Childcare is more expensive than college. It’s costing our kids. It’s costing our families. And it’s costing our businesses,” said Senn. “Too few kids are ready for kindergarten, parents are missing work, childcare providers are struggling to make ends meet and childcare businesses are closing across the state.”

According to a recent report published by the Association of Washington Business, nearly half of Washington parents have a hard time finding affordable childcare, resulting in Washington businesses losing $2.08 billion a year.

The Fair Start for Kids Act is a multi-faceted approach to solving the childcare crisis that aims to make childcare more accessible and affordable, bolster the childcare workforce and supply, and provide parents with more resources as they raise young children.

State Rep. Tana Senn (D-Mercer Island) declares a Childcare Crisis in Washington State. Really?

The childcare crisis in Washington State is largely of our own making. When the legislature enacted regulations and fees upon “at-home daycare providers,” who quickly shuttered their doors. Washington politicians created the daycare shortage with these regulations and removed thousands of private at-home daycares from the system. Why? These children were receiving above-average care in small groups. Isn't that what our public schools and public-school teachers have been asking for, for ages? Why did these home-daycare's shut down? Because they didn't want the government traipsing into their homes and telling them that in order to be licensed, now a requirement, you're going to have to do this - and this - and this, and by the way we'll be in your home every year (or more) to take a look at it. They didn't want that in their private lives -- just as farmers do not want trespassers coming onto their farms. Want to fix this crisis? Get rid of these “SEIU union payback” regulations and the more desirable and preferred, at-home daycares will come back.

Another Common Cents for today, listening to our newly inaugurated Mayor of Bellingham, Seth Fleetwood, who claims that the nation must vote to remove Pres. Trump from office to restore unity. Well, unity begins in everyone's backyard. What's happening in Washington State and our local political theater is divide and conquer. The road to self-reliance begins with having the freedom and liberty given to us by the people’s insurance policy, the U.S. and WA State constitutions. Unity happens when all person’s privacy, freedom, and personage are respected. For decades we've allowed politicians and agitators to divide us with special this - and special that. If everyone followed the mission of "freedom and liberty for all - justice with a blindfold upon it," we'd all get along much better than the divisiveness that has taken over and created the PC overload we're experiencing today.