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I’m pleased to bring you this week’s Capitol Calendar with Kelley Payne. Thanks in advance for the airtime!

Have a great week!

John Sattgast

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House Republicans believe that Washington state is your home and you should expect more. You should always feel safe in your home and community. You should not have to endure new tax, regulatory and financial burdens. And you should expect the governor and Legislature to be held accountable for their decisions and results.

When House Republicans consider legislation, we will look through the lens of: Will this make Washington state more safe, affordable and accountable?


The governor and Legislature must do more to help keep our communities and residents safe, including those who have homes and those who do not. Addressing public-safety challenges requires compassion, enforcement and accountability. Communities need the resources and tools to respond to the root causes of the homelessness. It is also important to provide our law enforcement professionals with the support they need to keep our communities safe. Some of our solutions include: