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Seattle by the Numbers

The numbers are in, (they are calculated May to May)

Population: 775,000

Police Officers:  838

If you do the math that equals:  1 officer for every 925 citizens

Target for police full police staff:  1,400

If you do the math that equals: 1 officer for every 554 citizens

Is it any wonder why the Seattle Police Department is no longer going to pursue rape cases? Did you hear that all you defund the police, my body - my choice, protect the children by banning guns, and let them eat cake political leaders?

policeman child

If you are not a numbers person, but you are a feeling person, this means the Seattle police department will take no (0) new adult sexual assault cases, because they only have 4 officers in that unit.  

Did you think that was bad news?  Here are the projections

New Hires in Police Department this year (same as last year):  22

 Anticipated lose of police officers this year: 200

If you do the math:  That could leave only 658 police officers in Seattle

If you do the math: That is 1 officer to protect 1,778 citizens each.

These policies, which made Seattle a safe haven for criminals, came from only 1 political party in this state:  Democrats.

 It is time to give credit where credit is due.

~ Lorraine Newman