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Kris’s interviews Liv Finne, Director of Education for the Washington Policy Center and Dean Gano, author of "Root Cause Analysis: A New Way of Thinking."  
Creator of Apollo Root Cause Analysis, I have been working to help people be better problem solvers for over 20 years. My current mission is to bring the process to the masses by creating new tools and teaching techniques to anyone interested in effective problem solving.
Liv Finne will talk about her research on the divisiveness of critical race theory as Washington State schools move forward with integrating it into the curriculum.
great reset2Dean Gano will follow up with more information on his findings about the truth of systemic racism and the ‘equity’ agenda and how equity is being used to push the “Great Reset.”
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Washington Policy Center letter to Gov. Jay Inslee:
Dear Governor Inslee, April 18, 2021
We write to call on you to veto four harmful bills passed by the legislature which would require public employees in elementary and high schools (SB 5044), community colleges (SB 5194), state college and universities (SB 5227), and medical schools (SB 5228) to attend mandatory sessions in the controversial and dehumanizing concept known as “Critical Race Theory.”
The mandates these bills would impose violate the Washington Civil Rights Act, the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and the equal protections guaranteed under the 14th Amendment. These bills would require government educational entities to deny the fair and equal treatment that all people deserve regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnicity or national origin.
Critical Race Theory teaches people that their individuality is not based on their intrinsic worth as human persons, but as members of a group based on their perceived outward appearance.
Critical Race Theory teaches that if people are identified as white, Jewish or Asian, they are oppressors. If they are seen as black, Hispanic or part of another group, they are oppressed.
The illiberal and intolerant ideology required by these bills will create a hostile work environment in public institutions and allow the use of perceived racial identities to target and harass disfavored employees.crt2