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10-reasons people are skeptical about the CV-19 vaccine

Ashley Varner, VP Communication and Federal Affairs at the Freedom Foundation

Important take-aways from Max Nelson's article on "Freedom Foundation's Allegations of Inflated COVID-19 Death Numbers by WA State Dept. of Health"

In its Thursday press release, DOH noted it would now “assume a death is caused by COVID-19” if a person tests positive “28 days prior to death,”

DOH says it will no longer attribute deaths to COVID-19 before they are fully registered in state databases, but that it expects some to be “added back once the cause of death is investigated and officially determined to be due to COVID-19.”

DOH will begin to “exclude deaths in which the certifier (the person completing the death certificate) mentions positive COVID-19 tests, but later tests were negative and significant time elapsed between tests.”

  • “COVID-19 contributed to the death”; (2) “COVID-19 probably contributed to the death”; (3) “COVID-19 is suspected to have contributed to death”; or (4) “COVID-19 did not contribute to the death.”

The Freedom Foundation’s analysis of the information obtained from DOH suggests both that: (1) state officials have attributed many deaths to COVID-19 that appear to have little-to-no connection to the virus; and (2) many death certificates are improperly completed, limiting the ability to draw overly definitive conclusions from the data.

A reasonable death certificate involving COVID-19 might read something like this: COVID-19 infection on line D as the UCOD, leading to viral pneumonia on line C, leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome on line B, and ending with acute respiratory failure with hypoxia on line A.

DOH should either: (1) update its methodology to ensure the number of deaths it directly attributes to COVID-19 is accurate and defensible; or, (2) provide the additional information about COVID-19 deaths it has promised to start releasing since June so the public can better understand the meaning and significance of the numbers cited by state officials.

The cause of death information for each of the deaths attributed by DOH to COVID-19 as of Sept. 4 is available here. Cells referencing COVID-19 in some way are highlighted yellow.

"Covid-19 and Real Science," published by Fact-Checked.org

Embeded article: "Dear Patients and Friends," written by Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD, The Nevada Center of Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine www.antiagingmedicine.com 775-884-3990