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Host Kris Halterman has three guests lined up for this show:

- Candidate for Whatcom County Superior Court Judge, Jim Nelson

- Mariya Frost, Washington Policy Center's Director for Cole Center Transportation

- Candidate for Washington State Governor, Chief Loren Culp

Jim Nelson, candidate for Whatcom County Superior Court Judge, shares his thoughts on judicial philosophy and the Judicial Committee's process to approve ACB as our next U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Mariya Frost shares the results of her study of the Whatcom Transportation Authority's ridership vs revenues. Mariya's report also includes suggestions on how the WTA could save money 'and' reduce tax payer burdens.

Chief Loren Culp, candidate for Washington State Governor, shares his thoughts on policy, regulations, the Growth Management Act, and reopening of Washington State, as the governor our state.

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