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mark harmsworthToday’s Show:   

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Host Kris Halterman will interview Mark Harmsworth, Washington Policy Center Director, Center for Small Business. How are small businesses doing? What is the real unemployment number for Washington State? Is Governor Inslee’s 4-Phase plan realistic? Will small businesses recover? Is Washington State at the tipping point or past the tipping point for our state’s fiscal solvency?


Common Threads NW and The Fourth Corner are co-sponsoring a candidate forum with the Republican candidates for Governor. The forum has been scheduled for June 18th, 2020 at the Port of Bellingham’s, Harbor Center Room. The forum will run from 7 – 9 pm and will be aired lived on KGMI, TVW, YouTube and other media platforms (to be announced later). Mark your calendars because this is an important race for our state. Gov. Inslee has proven that he does not value “all” small businesses equally. The thousands of business owners and their staff need someone that represents them in Olympia and values their contribution to our state and local economies.


Governor’s statement to the People on March 16th, 2020: “We must slow down the spread of the virus to ensure that the medical facilities, supplies, and staff are capable of handling and preventing death.”

Governor’s statement now: “We must reopen slowly w/3-weeks for each phase and if there’s any spikes in confirmed coronavirus cases that may change. To begin your county must not have had a virus detection for 14 days. Social distancing and other mitigation procedures to operate your business must be followed. Businesses will only be allowed to operate at 25%, then 50%, and maybe 75% capacity until a vaccine has been approved.”

More damage and devastation from the cure than the virus? Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, reduced quality of life, loss of business, loss of life savings and livelihood, suicide increases, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse/overdoses, sexual abuse, and assault increases. Where do people go to get their lives back?

Centralized powerbase created by poorly written and vague administrative rules within the WAC’s.

Need for candidates with real world experience, who understand what it takes to start, maintain, and provide economic stimulus through private enterprise.

Business has a far greater capacity to provide for the business, the employee, the management, the owner, and the tax base when they are operational. A government handout is a liability to a business. It may be a temporary relief of cash, but it is cash that must be paid back either by the borrower or by the taxpayers at a future date. It is debt, plain and simple. Whereas an operational business brings in revenue that is an asset which can be used to pay the people working there, the taxes to help support the public safety net, and the business by reinvesting into the business for continued growth and economic vitality to the community.

Where do the people go from here? Are the people ready to rise-up? Or have we become so soft and complacent that we are happy being spoon fed by Big Brother and told how we will live our lives?

The new normal – is that realistic?