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Is there a plan and will it work?

Special guest, State Senator Mark Schoesler (R), state senate minority leader, will discuss the Republican plan for reopening and how small businesses will be affected. Is there hope for the economic future of Whatcom County or Washington State?


Two items of local interest:

The recently published article authored by, EJ Ledet, “The Best Defense is a Proactive Offense,’ What we can do to fortify our immune systems to mitigate/diminish CoV19 infection.

The recently published article authored by, Dean Gano (today’s guest), “Stay Home,” Order from the Governor.


We flattened the curve—which was never intended to stop the number of infected overall—it was meant to slow the number of infected so that our medical facilities, supplies, and staffing could ramp up to handle the infected. Now, they want 100% tested or a vaccine before opening our state? Our nation? That is not anywhere near realistic. Why? Because waiting for that to happen will cause more damage than if we had allowed the virus to run its natural course.

We have seen the stats change every day. The stats for stopping death from coronavirus have shown that we can do that. We have bent the curve on death to a very acceptable rate; it is currently lower than the threat of dying in an auto accident.

The stats for the number of people and businesses whose livelihoods have been permanently damaged continue to climb. Local industry, like Intalco, have pulled the plug and are leaving our county/state because they cannot see a future here. That is not acceptable.

It is not the here and now, that the economic devastation we are currently experiencing, will be fully understood.

It is six months from now when all those small businesses have permanently closed.

It is six months from now when the unemployment benefits have run dry.

It is six months from now when the food banks and public social safety nets have been decimated and our local and state tax bases have not recovered to replenish them.

The lessons we are learning during the Covid-19 pandemic is that our ancestors were right about a lot of things.

Home cooking, family meals, no excuse to not go to church, aprons, gloves, washing clothes often, leaving shoes at the doorway, bleach and soap for daily use, staying home if you have a cold, awareness that there are certain people like the elderly, pregnant and newborn who need special consideration even when they appear to be fine, and handshakes are safer than hugs. All these things are important because they impact our lives and those around us in a positive way.

Another lesson learned; our state constitution limited the governor's emergency authority to 30-days, “except if/when the legislature, through the consent of their leaders, or a vote, extend it.” The lesson: 30-days is enough to get things stable. Now you need to get our elected officials, the people who represent us, back on the job to make reopening plans and let us begin to live our daily lives, again.

Those who wrote our US Constitution and our Washington State Constitution were wise to limit the power of the Executive Branch; they knew that in a free society no one person should have the burden, or benefit, of such power. It is more than a theory – it has always been the best way for humankind to move forward and live their lives according to their values.

Stay focused Washingtonians; we have the capacity to deal with the infected and to protect the most vulnerable, as we rightly must do. Now it is time to green-light the reopening of Washington and America. It is time to start living life again. We must get back to living life, rather than hiding from the threat of death, alone in our homes.

Are you listening Governor Inslee?