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The Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Schools has sent out notification that all school districts are to begin offering educational opportunity to their students through online and other creative actions.

It is a great concern to many that our children, our students, are taking a huge hit on their education and what the ramifications will be to them, our schools, and ensuring that these students are able and capable of moving on to the next grade level.

Today’s program features Elizabeth Hanson, ESSL teaching at Shoreline Community College and Gary McGill, representing the Whatcom County Homeschool Assoc. They will share their knowledge on how families can best manage and cope under these extraordinary circumstances.


Everyday Hero’s Make Up a Strong Community

For decades we have been watching the Marvel heroes and villains battle across our screens; we all know that is fantasy.  A person who has extraordinary powers battles a known enemy.   When you look at the definition of hero in the dictionary the  very first description is “a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability.”

In real life true heroes are almost unrecognizable.  You know them, they are in your neighborhood, they are on the bus in the seat next to you, they are your co-workers.  They can drive you crazy, they can make you angry, they make you laugh when sharing stories of their lives.  Look around do you see them?

Their heroism is situational.  It only comes into focus when something extraordinary is needed to change the trajectory of evil or save lives For instance, did you know that back in the spring of 1986 a group of roughneck Russian miners were asked to dig a tunnel underneath a nuclear reactor that was melting down?  There was a 50/50 chance that the reactor would melt through its concrete floor and get into the ground water system that led to the Black Sea.  We are told 400 local miners were asked to risk deadly levels of radiation to potentially save millions of European lives by digging a tunnel to divert this potential threat.  They all went out; at least a quarter of them died from radiation poisoning.

What makes a hero out of an ordinary person?  Honor can be defined as, “a keen sense of ethical conduct.” Behaving ethically, is that point in one’s life where you know what the right thing to do is and you do it.  But there was more than ethics to the honor involved in the miner’s decision, there was more than the personal risk, there was an understanding of community, the “All of Us.”

Heroism is when you know what the right thing to do is and you do it despite the risks to yourself for the greater good of others. 

Today’s heroes are our neighbors, those who are risking their lives to remain in their critical jobs and those who have sacrificed their businesses and jobs in the closures we see all around us.

In the next two months our businesses will face the fact that employment and property taxes are due, and their ability to pay these, in most cases, is gone. 

As we shelter in place, let us not forget today’s unlikely heroes.

`Lorraine Newman

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