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How did everyone like the revised Washington State, Presidential Primary Ballot?  From the looks of it this piece of “In the Dark Legislation” is not well liked by many of us on either side of the aisle out here in the real world. 

Well get ready, in the dark of night they have now reached into the very heart of our homes with a sex education course that will teach young children that the sex they were born with may not be "right".

The chaos this will cause will not be taken care of by our legislators, the Superintendent of Public Education, or the teacher.  The chaos will be in our homes. 

The fear our children will have because a physical fact is now confused with a feeling of physical orientation.  The fear that their parents may be lying to them, or maybe it is the school, or maybe even more scary there is no adult that knows anything.

This feels and looks like when the government and our government run schools took 6,000 Native American children and told them that their culture was wrong, their language was wrong, and their parents were wrong.  We are still reaping the whirlwind from that misadventure in education.

Government may be narrowly limited to perform the essential task of protecting each individual’s right to his life, liberty, and honestly acquired property. Or it may be used to try to modify, influence, or dictate the conduct of the citizenry, stated Dr. Richard E. Ebering in his article“What is the Role of Government in Society.”

This is why the laws against homosexuality were wrong and why any law mandating the acceptance of sexual orientations as a norm is also wrong. 

Sexual orientation is at the core of how we see ourselves culturally, within our important family circles, and within our religious beliefs; this is a matter to be left to us.  We are an educated populace that can best navigate this individually.  As messy as it seems at times, to truly be a free society we must allow each of us to choose our own purpose and our own moral compass  

We may not be perfect as individuals, but we are much less destructive then a government mandate.  Just ask the Native Americans who have found that their culture  was a necessary bond that once broken by outsiders caused a harm that has taken generations to repair.

How did your State Representative or Senator vote on this issue? Click these links to see:

WA State Senate Voting Record on SB-5395 2019-20

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