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santa20“We Will Santa Rebellion — Open Our Schools Now,” aka Santa Rebellion 2.0

12/12/2020 at 2:00 PM, Cordata Center in the parking lot by the former Billy McHales restaurant

 Introduction of Ashley Butenschoen and Lynda Murphy

  • Play audio of L.M. asking WC Auditor not to certify election: 2:30 min. – 6:45 min.

Ashley Butenschoen’s Oct. 29th, poll watching experience

  • When leaving – were ballots secured?
  • How long was everyone off premise?
  • Was an explanation given for the fire alarm?
  • Live camera feed?
  • When returning to the building and the ballot counting/poll watching; what did you see?

Lynda Murphy brings WC Auditor petition to not certify the election

  • What date and time was this done?
  • Why? On the video the WC Auditor stated that they had already certified — any opinions on the timing of all this?
  • What brought your attention to the petition and why has the Culp campaign disputed the election results?

Discussion on the “Great Santa Rebellion 2.0”

  • What is it?
  • Why is it needed?
  • Where will the Rally be held and at what time?
  • What should people expect — how can they help if they are unable to attend?

Introduction of Mike Hudson from REACH (what does the acronym stand for?)


  • Mental health is a big topic that may be getting some needed attention lately.
  • What are the stats on increased mental health issues?
  • There’s a recent study that youth mental health admissions to emergency services has increased by 66% year-over-year. What is the largest contributing factor to this?
  • What should parents/guardians of children know, or look for, with regard to their child’s mental health or potential mental disorders?
  • Would children/youths returning to school, sports, social interaction help to alleviate the m.h. crisis we’re experiencing across the nation?
  • Isolation issues for youths is a big contributing factor — safe ways to combat this until schools and social activities resume?
  • Isolation of the elderly, battered spouses, drug addictions — on the rise? How is the state doing in your opinion?
  • Recommendations for families, neighbors, friends, and the listening audience to take away?