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santa20“We Will Santa Rebellion — Open Our Schools Now,” aka Santa Rebellion 2.0

12/12/2020 at 2:00 PM, Cordata Center in the parking lot by the former Billy McHales restaurant

Seattle by the Numbers

The numbers are in, (they are calculated May to May)

Population: 775,000

Police Officers:  838

If you do the math that equals:  1 officer for every 925 citizens

Target for police full police staff:  1,400

If you do the math that equals: 1 officer for every 554 citizens

Is it any wonder why the Seattle Police Department is no longer going to pursue rape cases? Did you hear that all you defund the police, my body - my choice, protect the children by banning guns, and let them eat cake political leaders?

policeman child

If you are not a numbers person, but you are a feeling person, this means the Seattle police department will take no (0) new adult sexual assault cases, because they only have 4 officers in that unit.  

Did you think that was bad news?  Here are the projections

New Hires in Police Department this year (same as last year):  22

 Anticipated lose of police officers this year: 200

If you do the math:  That could leave only 658 police officers in Seattle

If you do the math: That is 1 officer to protect 1,778 citizens each.

These policies, which made Seattle a safe haven for criminals, came from only 1 political party in this state:  Democrats.

 It is time to give credit where credit is due.

~ Lorraine Newman

Today’s Show:   

Is there a plan and will it work?

Special guest, State Senator Mark Schoesler (R), state senate minority leader, will discuss the Republican plan for reopening and how small businesses will be affected. Is there hope for the economic future of Whatcom County or Washington State?


Two items of local interest:

The recently published article authored by, EJ Ledet, “The Best Defense is a Proactive Offense,’ What we can do to fortify our immune systems to mitigate/diminish CoV19 infection.

The recently published article authored by, Dean Gano (today’s guest), “Stay Home,” Order from the Governor.

Kris’s interviews Liv Finne, Director of Education for the Washington Policy Center and Dean Gano, author of "Root Cause Analysis: A New Way of Thinking."  
Creator of Apollo Root Cause Analysis, I have been working to help people be better problem solvers for over 20 years. My current mission is to bring the process to the masses by creating new tools and teaching techniques to anyone interested in effective problem solving.


The Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Schools has sent out notification that all school districts are to begin offering educational opportunity to their students through online and other creative actions.

It is a great concern to many that our children, our students, are taking a huge hit on their education and what the ramifications will be to them, our schools, and ensuring that these students are able and capable of moving on to the next grade level.

Today’s program features Elizabeth Hanson, ESSL teaching at Shoreline Community College and Gary McGill, representing the Whatcom County Homeschool Assoc. They will share their knowledge on how families can best manage and cope under these extraordinary circumstances.

mark harmsworthToday’s Show:   

Thank you to the show’s sponsor, Asset Advisors – contact Dick Donahue to talk about your long-term financial planning.

Host Kris Halterman will interview Mark Harmsworth, Washington Policy Center Director, Center for Small Business. How are small businesses doing? What is the real unemployment number for Washington State? Is Governor Inslee’s 4-Phase plan realistic? Will small businesses recover? Is Washington State at the tipping point or past the tipping point for our state’s fiscal solvency?

Host Charlie Crabtree interviews Whatcom County Councilmember Ben Elenbaas about the upcoming redistricting within the state; what areas and districts will be affected and what is the goal?

How did everyone like the revised Washington State, Presidential Primary Ballot?  From the looks of it this piece of “In the Dark Legislation” is not well liked by many of us on either side of the aisle out here in the real world. 

Well get ready, in the dark of night they have now reached into the very heart of our homes with a sex education course that will teach young children that the sex they were born with may not be "right".

Host Kris Halterman will have a special guest interview with Dean Gano, Creator of Apollo Root Cause Analysis, about his recent article (also published by Liberty Road), "Stay Home," Orders from the Governor.

Topic for discussion will include the Principles of Causation and how they relate to effective, problem solving. Dean Gano specializes in effective problem solving for any kind of human situation.



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This is the home page for our podcasts that are focused primarily on Washington State Economics. The 10 most recent podcasts on these economic issues are shown on this page with the rest on subsequent pages. 

This is the home page for our podcasts that are focused primarily on Washington State Politics. The 10 most recent podcasts on these political issues are shown on this page with the rest on subsequent pages.