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Chaos, distrust, division, and frustration are sucking the life out of a nation united and creating national division.

Host Kris Haltermandiscusses this issue and more with retired Lt. Col. Jim McKinney. Is the United States really divided? Or is this a media and politically driven perception?


Since March 16, 2020 Washington State has been under shutdown. A voluntary shutdown where the governor led the businesses to believe that the shutdown was necessary to ensure that the states medical facilities, supplies, and staff were prepared to treat local-residents who would need medical and hospital care.

The local hospitals were so underwhelmed that many of them had to layoff staff and were fearful that they would have to shutdown permanently due to a lack of use and revenue.

The governor then extended his emergency powers beyond the 30 days to extend the lockdown until we flattened the curve of infection. We listened and complied, and we flattened the curve.

The state feverishly handed out unemployment funding and then found that they had spent hundreds-of-millions of our Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund tax money out to foreign nationals or some form of scammers. Real Washington residents/taxpayers and the unemployed were told it would only tax a few extra days to process their claims as they fixed the system—thousands of these claims are still waiting for their unemployment compensation.

As a growing number of businesses and unemployed people grew frustrated and concerned about the continuation of the shutdown, they used their right to protest to ask the governor to lift the emergency order and begin reopening Washington.

These protestors were shamed in the media, by politicians, and by local people who rode through the crowd in masked attire to flip-off these concerned citizens who were in their cars and practicing social distancing.

The crowds of people who had confined themselves in their homes, apartments, condos, tents, or shelter of some sort, were growing restless as domestic assaults and other domestic crimes and drug use continued to rise. No one was listening. Social distancing was destroying their lives, their livelihoods, and their economic future was in jeopardy. They had accepted federal and state help in the form of unemployment checks and added debt in the form of federal loans…still they had no idea when they would get back to work and reopen their businesses before it was too late. And, the rumors of how they would be allowed to reopen meant that there was even greater uncertainty about their future.

Then, after all of this a new tragedy; the actions of Minneapolis police officers which caused the death of a man. Officers whose oath it is to serve and protect had been called in due to a crime, but they failed to protect the life of this man. George Floyd. A black man. A man with a past filled with tragedy and criminal activity. A man, who at one time in his life had taken a gun to a black, pregnant woman as his friends/gang/thugs ransacked and robbed her. But the media did not tell you that. Does this justify that George Floyd died due to complications from the tactics used to subdue him? Absolutely not…these officers wanton callousness to hear his cries for help are the reason these officers are now in jail and charged with murder. But the arrest of these officers was not enough to placate a populace who all watched in horror as George Floyd begged for mercy for 8 and a half minutes.

Across the country the protestors came out. No shaming. No condemnation. There was massive support from the media and politicians; and then came the rioters, the looters, the assaults, and even murders. Still the media and the politicians said nothing. Chanting “Black Lives Matter,” while taking over the streets and doing nothing to stop the likes of Antifa and other organized, divisive and violent groups, from destroying the message that black lives do matter; that we must and we do love one another no matter race, religion or creed.

No social distancing was imposed as masked rioters were permitted to run loose across the nation causing ever more devastation to the lives of all those who had complied and were still complying with the shutdown and social distancing, because we were all in this together. Remember? WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

The local police came in to attempt to stop the riots, the looting, and the assaults. They were cussed at, spit on, pelted with rocks, bricks and Molotov cocktails were hurled at local police, and citizens attempting to protect their property, THEIR LIVELIHOOD. An officer was murdered, and others were permanently injured while doing their duty to “serve-and-protect.” Where is the public outcry and protests for them?

The riots quelled and the protests become more peaceful, but not without a lot of effort from the police, the national guard and a president who reminded the governors that it was their duty to protect the lives and property of all the people.

As the dust settles some communities have returned to a semblance of normalcy. Others have not. Our own Seattle has become a national laughingstock as has our governor and Seattle’s mayor. What do they want? Peace. How do they want it? Defund the police! Law and Order? Screw YOU! We want to take what we want. Sleep where we want. Eat and drink and smoke what we want. Bring us water. Bring us food. Bring us cigarettes and booze. And do not forget the marijuana, too. Screw the police! Screw capitalism! Screw the man! And screw the United States of America.  Because we are claiming this land as our own nation within a nation; the nation of CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) also known as Chazikstan; a utopia built on communism, free love, and free stuff.

As the dust settles and some states return to some form of normalcy, America’s history is being destroyed before our eyes to placate the protestors as American historical figures who happened to own slaves at some point in their lives, and even the historical artifacts of those who did not, are defaced and destroyed. What was their crime? They were old, white colonial men! How dare they be memorialized.

The calls to destroy history is ignored by our political leaders. Our political leaders show up to a memorial for George Floyd adorned by Kente cloth, a ceremonial piece worn by Ashanti people and woven of silk brought to them by way of the Great Saharan Desert, known as the Silk Road. Brought and bought for the Ashanti royalty; kingdoms who are also historically renowned for slave trading. Hypocrisy? Yes! Assimilation of another race’s ethnicity by our political leaders? Yes! But I shall not shame the Ashanti or the Kente cloth for a history that they cannot change; just as you should not destroy the history of America that you cannot change, but you can learn from it and use it to remind you of the sins of slavery, which was practiced worldwide for thousands if not millions of years. A practice which, if we all look far enough and deep enough, we will find that someone in our genetic line is guilty of.

America in turmoil. How do we unify when a nation that was built with freedom and liberty has become a nation of takers, of jealousy, of social distancing, social media, media censorship, and weak political leaders who do not or cannot find the moral strength to represent all of the people all of the time. The people who, according to the rule of law as established in the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Washington, were all given the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through the right to own and use our property for our own benefit. The benefit to not depend upon the government for their largesse, or to be slaves to the government through excessive taxation and regulation.

Can or will we ever be able to unify this nation if the demands of the protestors are the cure? Defund and get rid of the police. Destroy all evidence of slavery: statues, books, movies, mementos, everything, and anything that has any connection to the civil war and slavery. Ignore and destroy the civil rights of some while elevating that of others—all of this in the name of equality. What equality? I only see further division and a nation eternally divided. Until we re-establish the rights of all citizens of the United States; those civil rights that demand we are all equal, “One Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.”

And as I end this screed let me say one last thing. The movement “Black Lives Matter” has been coopted. It has been coopted as a revenue source for the Democrat Party. When you send a donation, a gift, to Black Lives Matter, those funds are sent to a Democrat Super PAC known as “ACT BLUE.” Once the funds are received by this Super PAC, they can use those funds as they please. Is that how you understood these funds were to be used? To fund the campaigns of Bernie Sanders $186.8M; Biden for President $119.3M; Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign Exploratory Cmte $93.5M; Pete for America $78.1M; Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte $55.7M; Amy for America $43.2M; Friends of Andrew Yang $31.7M; Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte $31M; Democratic National Cmte $29.9M; Amy McGrath for Senate $29.6M.

How exactly does donating to BLM, which is then funneled to ACT BLUE, helping to give American blacks a better life, better opportunity, and a sense of belonging in America?

Nothing. It has all become a revenue source for a party with no shame or morals on getting and keeping their power structure. After all, in the historic words of Saul Alinksy, “THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS.”

Wake up America. We are better than this. We are a nation of doers not takers, and it is time for us to take back America as the promised land for everyone who is willing to work for it. And that is my Common Cents for today.