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Host Kris Halterman will interview retired Lt Col. Jim McKinney, who will share his insight and opinion on the  recent bombing of General Soleimani, of Iran. Also, have you heard of QAnon? Neither had Liberty Road. Kris and Jim will discuss what they know about the mission of this group.



Washington State Legislators are back in session – January 13th, 2020. Will they push for more tax increases? Will they push for a capital gains, aka income tax this session? There are many ways to stay informed about what’s happening in Olympia. The Washington Policy Center is one of the best organizations that reports on all concerning legislation being considered in Olympia, as well as the Freedom Foundation, the Fourth Corner, and of course Saturday Morning Live’s Facebook Page, Liberty Road.


Threats to Our 1st & 2nd

Amendment Rights

Thurs, Feb 13th, 7-9 P.M.

Meridian High School

194 West Laurel Rd, Bellingham


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WA State’s 40th Dist. Rep. Jeff Morris resigned his position effective January 2020. Rep. Morris was one of the few remaining “moderate” Democrats in Washington State. Rep. Morris did vote consistently within the Democrat Party platform, but he was still considered a moderate within the party.

Why do I bring this up today? Because the 40th Dist. of Washington State is largely made up of farming and industrial land; both of whom have been under assault with economic killing regulations approved in the Washington State Legislature or the Dept. of Ecology.

The Whatcom, Skagit, and San Juan County officials selected Rep. Morris’ replacement to fulfill his term. Did they select someone of the same political ideology and demeanor as Rep. Morris; someone who would align best with the voters who just voted for Morris re-election last November? An election where Rep. Morris ran unopposed? NO! The selected Alex Ramel, best know for his work with Stand.Earth.  

Mr. Ramel is known for his fervent opposition to fossil fuels and the fossil fuel industries. Considering that Marathon’s Anacortes Refinery is within the heart of the 40th Dist., don’t you wonder how the hundreds of workers at this valuable facility are feeling about selecting someone to represent them who is on record as working to eliminate their industry? Whatcom County is largely represented by the 42nd Dist. and our industrial jewel, Cherry Point Industries have had the benefit of being represented by political leaders that understand the 42nd Dist. voters value this industry as an important resource for economic stability and growth.

The 40th Dist. used to have Morris and Lytton, who were both moderate Democrats by today’s standards. Today, the 40th Dist. representatives align to the left of center and look favorably on socialist and environmental policies that will harm a large percentage of the families and businesses within their own state district. Only time will tell if the voters in the 40th Dist. will accept far left, socialist democrats as their representatives in Olympia. Or, will they awaken and put moderates back in office? Or, heaven forbid, will they wake up and elect a freedom loving libertarian or republican to restore their freedom to live-work-and play in the home they love within 40th Dist.