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jacob lamontSML Host Jim McKinney returns to talk more about, "Do we have free speech anymore? Big-Media and Big-Tech are silencing the voices of millions of people from the public square; how do we preserve free speech and the cancel culture that is powered by media and technology?" Joining Jim in this discussion is Jacob Lamont, from the Libertarian Party of Whatcom County.

Host Jim McKinney share national information about China, Free Speech, and Tech Tyranny.

mckinneySML Host Jim McKinney discusses local, national, and global security issues.

Chaos, distrust, division, and frustration are sucking the life out of a nation united and creating national division.

Host Kris Haltermandiscusses this issue and more with retired Lt. Col. Jim McKinney. Is the United States really divided? Or is this a media and politically driven perception?

Washington State has a reputation for being a stronghold of regressive ideology and policies that better represent socialism than the origins of the Democrat Party most of us grew-up with. Is Washington doomed to forever be a Progressive (regressive) tax and regulatory haven? Or, is there a hope to restore personal liberty and freedom to the state? Is there hope to bring business friendly leadership to the state? Is there hope that Washington State has a future beyond bigger government, higher taxes, unaffordable housing, out of control homelessness due to drug and mental health issues, traffic congestion, and public schools that refuse to be held accountable to teach not indoctrinate our children?

Host Kris Halterman interviews Philip Stockton, WSRP Regional Field Director and head of the Trump Victory movement for Whatcom County.

Host Kris Halterman will interview retired Lt Col. Jim McKinney, who will share his insight and opinion on the  recent bombing of General Soleimani, of Iran. Also, have you heard of QAnon? Neither had Liberty Road. Kris and Jim will discuss what they know about the mission of this group.

David Spring, Program Director for SAVE joins me to talk about two important issues. Why you need to be concerned about the explosion of "ransomware" happening at our public institutions. And, will the State of Washington mandate that we give them access to our personal vehicles to send us a monthly bill for road taxes and why you should be concerned if they do?