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sheepleToday's guests EJ Ledet and Dean Gano address coronaviruses and real science which has been used to instill panic and division not just nationwide, but within families and friends. Are we sheeple? Or are we educated people? Have we forgotten that there is a great cost to isolation that is not as readily seen as a virus.

EJ and Dean have recently set up a new website where you can read their researched writings on this and many other things to come. https://www.fact-checked.org 

Part 1 -- Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Joshua Freed. Josh joins host Kris Halterman to talk about reopening Washington State and his vision for a better Washington that represents and supports all of us.

Part 2 -- Mark Harmsworth, Director of the Small Business Center for the Washington Policy Center. Mark joins host Kris Halterman to talk about his latest article, "The Governor's Office knew they would run out of Unemployment Benefits in May and didn’t say anything about it."


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We Aint' Got NO Plan! Chaos, distrust, division, frustration, and economic destruction are sucking the life out of a nation united and creating national division. Host Kris Halterman discusses this issue and more with Lorraine Newman and Mike Davis. Is the United States really divided? Is the U.S. broke? Or is this a media and politically driven perception? How should the Governor and the Legislature be handling the reopening of our state, balance the budget, and meet the needs of our state.


Feeling confused on how to manage your business finances amid the interruption of your business because of the coronavirus? Wondering if you'll be able to reopen? When? And will your trained staff still be there when you do? Who can you talk to for all the unanswered questions?

Host Kris Halterman will be interviewing the SBA Regional Administrator, Jeremy Field on these questions and many more. Listen to the show and take notes to be as best prepared to make it through the economic shutdown as possible and ready to start your engines and get your business, "back-in-business."