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Host Kris Halterman will interview retired Lt Col. Jim McKinney, who will share his insight and opinion on the  recent bombing of General Soleimani, of Iran. Also, have you heard of QAnon? Neither had Liberty Road. Kris and Jim will discuss what they know about the mission of this group.


Washington State Legislators are back in session – January 13th, 2020. Will they push for more tax increases? Will they push for a capital gains, aka income tax this session? There are many ways to stay informed about what’s happening in Olympia. The Washington Policy Center is one of the best organizations that reports on all concerning legislation being considered in Olympia, as well as the Freedom Foundation, the Fourth Corner, and of course Saturday Morning Live’s Facebook Page, Liberty Road.


Threats to Our 1st & 2nd

Amendment Rights

Thurs, Feb 13th, 7-9 P.M.

Meridian High School

194 West Laurel Rd, Bellingham


G u e s t s  S p e a k e r s :

L a r s L a r s o n | K G M I R a d i o H o s t

G l e n M o r g a n | W e T h e G o v e r n e d

T i m E y m a n | $ 3 0 T a b s S p o n s o r

C r a i g T e r r y | B i g T o p P r o m o t I o n s

David Spring, Program Director for SAVE joins me to talk about two important issues. Why you need to be concerned about the explosion of "ransomware" happening at our public institutions. And, will the State of Washington mandate that we give them access to our personal vehicles to send us a monthly bill for road taxes and why you should be concerned if they do?



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