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Program Guests/Topic: Councilmember Rud Browne and Labor Rep. Trevor Smith will address all things Cherry Point and the fall out of proposed industrial land use changes for the industries, small business, and jobs.

Link to WBA's Business Pulse Article, "Green Apple Deal Goes Bad"


SML Liberty Alerts: 1st Alert - Perry Eskridge, Director of Legal Affairs for the Whatcom County Realtors will give an update on the status of the Climate Action Task Force recommendations. 2nd Alert – Rep. Luanne Van Werven announces a referendum signature gathering effort to repeal the K-12, standardized sexual education curriculum passed by the state legislators this session.


At the time this screed was written the Washington State Legislatures still had not passed the funding needs for our state health agencies. With the legislators in recess it appears that once again they left the most important legislation for last and funded their wish lists and tax/fee/regulation increases before funding the safety needs of the residents of our state. Edited version of friend and frequent guest on Saturday Morning Live, Lorraine Newman.

So, remember the Democrat ads saying Republicans planned to shove granny off a cliff? Well, today I am that granny and it is not President Trump shoving me off a cliff; it is the Democrat Party controlled Legislature of my state. Why? Because they have not appropriately funded the public health system in our state that could literally save my life.

They have taken away my plastic bags, they have taxed me, they have given me bike lanes, they have discouraged employers from creating businesses here like the new Green Apple renewable diesel fuel facility at Cherry Point. And now the final insult, my tax dollars are not to be used to help save my life.

On the national level we watch as President Trump works with the industries that are in danger of collapsing (that's real jobs lost) and is suggesting real solutions that will help us weather this and Vice President Pence offers aid to every state in the union - even ours!

This morning I listened to Senator Schumer say he will stand in the way of any tax relief aid. Why? It appears it is because it was Trumps idea. What happens immediately after his rant? Down goes my retirement savings. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

It is time for those who have year-after-year listened to the rhetoric on the left and how much they FEEL for us to pay attention and SEE with your their OWN-EYES how much it has always just been about saving their seat of power. It has never been about what was good for ALL of us.

The only ones who can save me now are my democratic friends writing and calling the people they elected and telling them to get off the "it’s all about political power train" and for once ACT like they talk. Work together for the good of us all and forget about who gets credit.