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Part 1: Candidates running for the Port of Bellingham - Commissioner Bobby Briscoe vs. Anthony Distefano

Part 2: Candidates running for the Mayor of Ferndale - Mayor Jon Mutchler vs. Greg Hanson


  • Each candidate will ask their opponent 3-questions.

    • Example: Candidate-1 will ask Candidate-2 a question that takes no longer than 15 seconds to ask. Candidate-2 will then have 2 min. to answer the question. The candidate is required to answer the question, not to spin the topic into something else.

      • Once the question has been answered, the candidate can continue to speak until their 2-min. has expired. After the 2-min has expired; Candidate-1 will have 30 seconds to rebut their opponents answer.

    • This same format will be used for each of the candidates 3-questions: a 2-min. answer with a 30 sec. rebuttal.

    • If there is time remaining, the host will ask 2-questions of the candidates; giving each of them 1-min. It will be a challenge to get all six questions asked and answered, so the host (debate moderator) will hold each question to the 15 sec. allowed.

  • Once a question has been asked, the candidate answering the question will not be interrupted unless they are not answering the question or staying on the question topic provided by the show host.

  • No derogatory, slanderous, or demeaning language will be tolerated. The debate is to be challenging, but respectful to both candidates.

  • Each candidate please come prepared with at least 5-questions. The opportunity will be given to ask 3-questions, but it is wise to come prepared with more in case your opponent has the same question as you.

    • Topics for the Port of Bellingham Commissioner Candidate Debate:

      • The Waterfront Redevelopment Project

      • Responsibilities of a Port Commissioner

      • Economic Development

      • Port Relationship to Borrowing and Taxes

      • Blaine Harbor

      • Internet Access

    • Topics for the Mayor of Ferndale Candidate Debate:

      • Economic Development

      • Housing

      • Public Safety

      • Infrastructure

      • Transportation

      • Taxes