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Host Ashley Butenschoen interviews Angel Gohering of Herb Niemann's restaurant in Everson Washington about the crisis evolving in our own local cancel culture 'and' Whatcom County Councilmember Tyler Byrd shares his thoughts on how all of this is affecting our local small business future. Councilmember Byrd also discusses the County's recent adoption of a tax increase for housing the homeless and the crisis for access to childcare in our community/state.

114 days later, many of Washington State's family friendly recreational activities are sitting in limbo asking, "What about us? What does the future hold for our livelihoods? Is anyone in Olympia listening and do they care?

The History of Bowling

National Bowling Day

#BringBackBowling - contact your local and state representatives today!

Part 1 - Host Kris Halterman interviews Jeremy Fields, NW Director for the SBA, about changes to the CARES Act, the Paycheck Protection Program, and filing for PPP forgiveness.

Guest Host Vince Buys will interview Whatcom County Councilmember Tyler Byrd on the Council's latest extension of the 4-year moratorium which prevents Cherry Point Industries from acquiring a permit to implement improvements to their capacity of production. The second half of the program, Vince will talk to Todd Myers, Director for Environmental Studies for the Washington Policy Center. Todd recently published a widely distributed article on Governor Lockdown's (non)scientific data which was used to extend his emergency orders to keep Washington State businesses shuttered.

 ciao thyme

mataio kraig kgmi2Local business, Ciao Thyme, has gone through a lot of growing pains over the years to establish itself as one of Bellingham's premier restaurants. Host Kris Halterman will interview Mataio Gillis (owner) and Kraig Halterman (Chef Extraordinaire) to learn about their story, their vision and more.

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Continued from last week: What is happening with the shutdown of Intalco and Whatcom County? State Senator Doug Ericksen will join the first part of the program to discuss what is happening back in Olympia. Afterwards, Host Kris Halterman and Jim McKinney are joined by Brian Urban, Shop Steward for Intalco Aluminum, working in the Refractory as a brick mason. They will share what they know and plans for urging local, state, and federal agencies to help move the process forward for the benefit of the county, state, and nation.


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY -- from myself to everyone who contributes to, reads the articles posted to Liberty Road, and listens to this program.

Common Threads NW and The Fourth Corner are co-sponsoring a candidate forum with the Republican candidates for Governor. The forum has been scheduled for June 18th, 2020 at the WC BIAW. The forum will run from 7 – 9 pm and will be aired lived on KGMI, TVW, YouTube and other media platforms (to be announced later). Mark your calendars because this is an important race for our state. Gov. Inslee has proven that he does not value “all” small businesses equally. The thousands of business owners and their staff need someone that represents them in Olympia and values their contribution to our state and local economies.




Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

Changes at Cherry Point - Death by A Thousand Daggers?

Guest Host Vincent Buys has invited people who are members of "Whatcom Coalition" and work at Cherry Point Industries, whose lives will be greatly affected by the proposed changes to Cherry Point under strong consideration by the Whatcom County Council, if enacted.

Host Kris Halterman will continue discussion about the “Green Apple” project between Renewable Energy Group and Phillips 66. Also, up for discussion is an update on the Climate Action Task Force’s recommendations to the Bellingham City Council, with Lance Calloway.


Thank you to the show’s sponsor, Asset Advisors – contact Dick Donahue to talk about your long-term financial planning.

Giving Thanks ... tomorrow on Saturday Morning Live ... Exec. Director Hans Erchinger-Davis shares what's happening at the Mission to help alleviate homelessness in Bellingham and Whatcom County.



Dec. 3rd, 2019: Whatcom County Council Regular Meeting

On the agenda will be the 2nd public comment on their expected approval of an 8th vote to reinstate the “emergency moratorium on Cherry Point Industries.”

New organization “Whatcom Coalition for Economic Growth” The purpose of this organization is to support and defend the industries at Cherry Point which provide a valuable economic resource to thousands of Whatcom County families and businesses. To stay informed and get involved please sign up for their email notices. They will soon have more social media resources that feature the many ways we all benefit from these industries.

The City of Bellingham is hiring a Climate and Energy Manager for an annual salary of $80k - $95k. If the City of Bellingham  is not “all-in” on the Climate Action Task Force’s recommendations to go 100% fossil fuel free in 10 – 15 years, and the candidates running for the council and mayoral races said so—then what’s the rush to create this brand new FTE. The COB has a lot of needed capital expenses to fund. Is it wise for them to grow the budget and the bureaucracy with a new city department at this time?

What does an “affordable“ Bellingham look like? With the recent election results and the recommendations of Bellingham’s “Climate Action Task Force,” soon to be taken up by the City of Bellingham (and likely Whatcom County, too) it is really important that local stakeholders pay attention to what’s happening and what’s contributing to the increased “lack of affordable housing/shelter,” in our community.

You may ask yourself, “Why is the Bellingham City Council pushing the Climate Action Task Force agenda on its residents?” The reality is that what is happening in Bellingham/Whatcom County is a compilation of the Delphi Method and the Overton Window.