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a1Washington Democrat Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins, let us all know – They ain’t got NO plan, so there is NO need to convene the Legislature.

So just exactly what are they not planning to do?

NO plan to review the Covid caused massive drop in revenue.   Really?  Are they just going to let the Governor continue to dictate to us from Olympia?  It is a $9 Billion shortfall!

 a2We have had an epic meltdown at our Employment Security Offices – they ain’t got NO plan to oversee what happened and enact legislation to fix if necessary.   They still do not have a handle on the situation as we hear of many who cannot get through the sign up process, or have had their benefits stopped.

They have NO plan to reign in Governor Inslee, who has taken it upon himself to implement fines far above enacted limitations of the legislature.  As demonstrators flock to the streets business folks are left in their wake wondering, “Why do we get fined while all this violence, riots and mayhem are allowed to continue?”

No plan to address the lawless, love fest, in Seattle, as they continue their illegal occupation of public property, roads, and highways.  Our Governor did not even know what was happening in the largest city of our state, so NO need for a plan. For those harmless, free love, hipsters on the streets who protest for free college education; their efforts should be focused on whether there will be ANY college education available in our state! Put your ear to the road and listen to the rumblings out there that massive revenue losses are here and the state university system is likely to take a big hit to balance the state budget.

We certainly do not need legislative planning if it looks like this:


We deserve better than what that planning looks like right now:  NO action, NO progress, complicated edicts, and NO cohesive plan at all.


They ain’t got NO plan on what to do about the major tax increases they enacted last year and their impact on closed businesses.  The tax increase imposed on travel agents last year, now seems punitive. The increased taxes on our banks that have lowered their interest rates will have to be paid by increased fees at some point. Will our closed businesses be less likely to reopen under the Democrat proposed and Democrat Legislator approved, burden of increased taxes?  

NO plan, to readdress and/or delay the mandated minimum wage increase, to help our businesses afford to reopen. Will our business be able to support higher minimum wages when they are only open for takeout, or half seating, or with the increased cleaning costs, and other mandates they are now dutifully fulfilling for our Governor?

NO plan to review the new budget and make strategic cuts to fix the drop in tax dollars.  Right now, every agency will need to endure a 20% budget cut, with NO regard to which public services are needed during the pandemic; this is a government designed--economic disaster.

NO plan to shift funding to our already ‘underfunded’ health systems which have borne the brunt of this pandemic.

As predicted, we have begun to see the effects of how NO plans for an emergency have created a need to cut costs and shutdown services within our state’s hospital system and our state mental health sector seems likely to be the first target for these cuts.

NO plan to delay the pay increases government workers will receive that will now multiply the budget problems ahead.  Oops! That was yesterday. Today Gov. Inslee has publicly announced that those increases will not be happen, at least not for now.


Where does this leave the rest of us?

  • The Voter?
  • The Taxpayer?
  • The business owner?
  • The Employee?


a6It appears that the Democrats we elected are perfectly happy to let the chips fall or even give them a little push off the table.  They are willing to let the deficit pile up then come to us wringing their hands as they tell us there is NO way out of this crisis unless we increase taxes and OH!, remember that state income tax? A state income tax would be a socially just solution to fix the economy. And that may have been "The Democrat Plan," after all.

~ Lorraine Newman