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Did you notice what I did on the ballot?


The legislature imposed, without a vote of the people, additional taxes that will generate the following revenue in the next 10 years:


From our timber industry $21,000,000

From our builders (on paint) $6,000,000

From our financial institutions $1,036,000,000

From the vaping industry $178,000,000

From remote sellers & marketplace facilitators $1,051,000,000

From users of petroleum products $2,760,000,000

From non-residents $313,000,000

From those who sell their homes and other real estate property $1,747,000,000

From travel agents $28,000,000

From International investment managers $367,000,000

That’s a total of $7,507,000,000 (Billion!) that our legislators decided to take away from the private sector(us) for use in the public sector (them) in the next 10 years or $72,030,000 (Million!) each year, on top of the $23,885,518,000 they already collected last year. This represents a 31% increase on the total taxes we all pay into the State of Washington’s coffers. It does not take into account our local taxes.

Another $2,253,000,000 will be funded by the workforce education investment account by shifting funds from other uses in higher education.

What will they do with these funds? Since they are already taking in record revenues, these monies will be used to EXPAND government.

But wait, they followed these taxes by a constitutional amendment for us to approve to EXPAND the governor’s powers to declare emergencies.

Remember the drought emergency from this year that was used to funnel additional funds to the Department of Ecology? What was it used for? Drought planning. Yes, we got lots of words on paper for all our hard-earned money.

This was done in the last Democratic dominated Legislature, there is not much we can do about the taxes, but we can stop the expansion of the Governor’s powers and REMEMBER next time we vote for legislators that when they say they are for raising taxes they REALLY mean it!

~ Lorraine Newman