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It is political debate season now is the time to have this discussion!

Congressman Rick Larsen has represented western Washington for 11 Terms or 22 years.


When you live West Coast, that is a long time to spend away from your elected homebase and still say you are connected to us. We had a little window into this at the debate held in Whatcom County. The debate question was about supporting the war in Ukraine with more funds. You could tell from the audience response that many were concerned about this spending of our precious tax dollars.


Congressman Larsen ended his answer by challenging the audience on their treatment of Ukrainians in Whatcom County. Most did not have time to figure out what he was talking about because the debate moved to the next question.

Was he talking about something he had heard, and we had not? Was he unaware that our small county has been living with an ethnic Ukrainian population for quite some time? Was he unaware of the efforts that were and are made in our county to help integrate new ethnic groups? Was he not aware of Ukrainian relief projects in Whatcom County? From speaking English, to adapting to our building codes, to working with a completely different health system, to providing room for their ethnic church communities. It takes about one degree of separation to know someone who collaborates with foreign born communities in Whatcom County. A more precise and in-tune question for Congressman Larsen to ask would have been, “How can I help you?”  Congressman Larsen was well versed in national policy, as he 

should be. However, this was his only pivot to talk about how those polices, impacted our community. It is time to limit Congressman’s Larsen’s multiple terms and elect someone who may not be as articulate on national talking points but HAS lived with us day-to-day in the last 20+ years.

Picture4Senator Patty Murray has been in office for five terms, or 30 years. Yes, we have only voted for her five times, yet she has been there long enough that she has been photographed standing behind 3 Presidents from her party.

In her debates she has stuck to and pivoted back to her talking points with ease yet managed to leave most questions inadequately answered. She is depending on us marking the same square this year merely due to facial recognition. She had no innovative ideas to offer and that is the problem.

Some of the problems we faced in 1992 when Senator Murry was first elected, like drug wars and unsettled borders along the Russian front are still unresolved, no matter how smoothly our politicians can pivot a conversation. Some problems that we are experiencing locally have become worse:  safety at home, failing school results locally and nationally, and a severe lack of workers for businesses to employ to fully operate, and inadequate postal service.

When our politicians come home to speak to us, they should be talking about the problems we are have here. Most of us can find their stances on national issues. And that is the problem with being in political office too long; away from the people you were elected to represent, and living life, raising your family in Washington DC.

Our unique American political system depends on voters breathing new life into it every election. Now is the time for Washington State to choose new Closers who are connected to the issues at homework on the solutions to move us forward.

 Picture5If you want term limits – VOTE to limit their terms.

~ Lorraine Newman