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Two months ago, we all agreed that something should be done to protect those among us that would be at risk of dying from COVID-19.  Taking care of others is a very laudable attribute, especially in a society of individualists like us.

So, our government decided that EVERYONE needed to go home except ESSENTIAL workers.  And here is where the problems began.  We made a list that included the practical and the ridiculous.


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We sent all doctors home and kept marijuana and liquor stores open.  On what planet did any think that this was a good idea? I do not know, but it is not a good idea from the minds and understanding of many who are now suffering the stress of no-business, no-job, no-hop.  Government decided that we would be happy solving our medical problems with marijuana candy and highballs. Really?

So, is every single hospital in Washington state overwhelmed by coronavirus patients?  Apparently not, since Seattle did not even need the overflow capacity created at the temporary, Century Field Hospital.  And if they did not need it, then what about Bellingham, Skagit Valley, Wenatchee, Yakima, the Tri-Cities, and Spokane?  Does anyone know the answers to these questions, or is this a big secret that the government must keep from us?

In the meantime, let’s look at what is happening medically in just my family that lives in various places in the United States. I have had to delay a scheduled colonoscopy, not that big of deal, unless your family history has cancer, or specifically colon cancer, in it.  A two-month delay can mean the difference between life and death with fast growing. We have had to delay the second shot in our shingles series and more than likely we will have to start the series over, again. No big deal, unless I think about my grandfather whose case of shingles was so bad in his 80’s that it spurred on a heart attack that killed him. I wonder how many others have been similarly been affected and are now, still unprotected from shingles, that need to be?

no entry hospitalAnother family member, was t-boned in an auto accident last week, go figure, they may have been the only two cars on the road, but nonetheless, when the paramedics asked if they wanted to go to the hospital, the answer was an emphatic, NO! Why? Because we have been told hospitals are full of coronavirus and are an unsafe place for those who have not been tested for this virus.  Now, we keep our fingers crossed that their neckache and headache are not signs, of something more serious. 

There is also the family member that has a rare condition, of a growth that closes off the throat. In the past it was handled by surgery, it came back again about 3-months ago and they were attempting to reduce the growth with a series of shots. Oops! Missed the last shot because of the economic shutdown of nonessential services.  They are now abandoned and must deal with the pain and effort to talk, and breathing is assisted using an inhaler 3-times per day. This causes them to go to their local pharmacy every 4-days to get a new inhaler; so much for staying at home!  What if this does not work? When can/will you get the surgery you need?

Next, a relative that was experiencing severe stomach pains finally risked a trip to the ER, where they were unable to diagnosis the problem.  Seeking a gastroenterologist who would help over the phone became the next quest. After a week of calling they finally found a doctor who specialized in this field who could/would order the CT Scan and MRI over the phone; the CT/MRI showed what the problem was, enlarged organs.  What can need be done, or can legally be done, at this point is an unknown.

This is just in my family and we are in our 60’s and 70’s.  In a normal world, we would deal with these and be on our way to recovery and personal health. I have been hearing murmurings that people taking care of elderly parents are having a difficult time maintaining the level of care necessary because the governor has so many doctors and specialists deemed to be nonessential, thus their medical field is shutdown.

So here is today’s question, what good does it do to ruin our economy, if we die from untreated conditions instead of the coronavirus? 

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We need to demand better than this!  If we truly are concerned about the elderly and the vulnerable.

~ Lorraine Newman