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Joe Biden promised us a long dark winter if he was elected, and the state of Washington has just entered it thanks to Governor Inslee.  What can we expect?  COVID will still exist on the other side. 

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This winter, we will see the death of more businesses, the change in our buying habits which will favor big businesses like Amazon. 

In the meantime, we will see the increase in teen suicide in our state to continue to climb.

 We will likely see an increase in at-home deaths, like England has experienced, because people will continue to shun their doctors in fear of catching COVID.

We will likely see the exodus of our friends and neighbors to other states. 

Parents are in the dark as to their children’s education progress, in the Spring nearly half of our children did not attend any type of schooling.  This fall most children are back to their on-line schools with about a half day of formal instruction.  How long will it take for our children to again perform at grade level?  Will their dark winter of “education” leave them permanently behind those from states that are back to in-person school?

When will we know the true cost of the “Long Dark Winter of 2020?”  It is hard to tell, because our state departments that are responsible to give us these statistics have left us in the dark.  The only thing they are keeping track of so far are COVID deaths, both direct COVID and COVID related deaths such as suicide or vehicular accidents.  Washington State Health Department death stats have not been updated since 2018.  The last Quarterly Report from the Department of Revenue was last quarters, Jan-Mar 2020 tax filings. 

The legislature has still not been called back in session to get these answers for us.

We are truly in the dark and will remain here if our elected Democrats can keep us here.

`Lorraine Newman