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How To Treat Long COVID, by Dean L. Gano, E.J. Ledet & Kris Halterman; November 2022

After the first wave of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, people reported persistent symptoms weeks or months following their SARS-CoV-2 infection. So, what is it, and how can you treat it?

What is it?

long covidAccording to the World Health Organization, Post COVID-19 condition, also known as long COVID, or long-haulers syndrome occurs in individuals with a history of probable or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. In one study 1 of 1.7 million people worldwide they found that: 23% had fatigue; 14% memory problems; 13% shortness of breath; 11% sleep problems; 10% joint pain; 9% concentration, confusion, and brain fog; 8% ea. of anxiety and loss of taste; 7% ea. of cough, depression, hair-loss, loss of smell; and eleven other minor symptoms like headaches and diarrhea.

Early studies in September 2020 reported that 10 to 30 percent of people 2 who were infected have experienced it. As more-and-more people have been vaccinated and contracted COVID-19 the condition has increased. A more recent study 3 in April 2022 reported that more than 43% of those infected with COVID-19 developed at least one long-term symptom with a meantime to the onset symptoms approximately 60 days following infection.



The SARS-CoV-2 virus’ main actor, which infects our cell walls, is the spike protein it carries. Read our report COVID-19 and Real Science 4 for details. Also, each vaccine injection put billions of these spike proteins into your body, which travelled and replicated freely through your body. If these spikes didn’t kill you 5 in the first two weeks, 6 they may be the cause of what is called, “long-haulers syndrome.” For more details, read Ivermectin or Vaccines? Which is Better? 7 Even after the human body has recovered from the virus, by removing most of these spike proteins, they often remain in some cells, because the spike protein inhibits the cells’ waste-processing system, called the Autophagy process; human self-renewal and self-cleaning process 8. Since these infected cells are not at their peak performance, it causes the many symptoms that are noted previously in long-haulers syndrome and a breakdown of the immune system. 9


Due to the damage caused by spike proteins, additional treatment is needed to purge them out of the cells and sweep them out of your body through the waste system. Since Ivermectin binds with spike proteins 10 better than most other compounds, it can safely remove them from the body, the body’s Autophagy System is healed, and you feel better. In a peer reviewed study, 11 published in March 2021, Argentinian researchers found that Ivermectin worked well to relieve long COVID symptoms such as: coughing, brain fog, headaches, and fatigue. The study patients were given a 12 mg to 18 mg dose of Ivermectin, on a weekly basis, until the symptoms disappeared. The average time needed to become symptom free was 36 days: ranging from 21 to 69 days. Removing the spike proteins from the body should also help heal vaccine damage of the immune system. And whether pharmaceutical or natural products like Vitamin C and Zinc are used, there are many compounds which you can use to shed these spike proteins.

For more details on other treatments for long COVID, go here. 12

And/or for a list of Spike Protein Inhibitors, go here. 13


For anyone who is reading this and thinks these ideas are just opinions, we simply ask that if you want to critique or criticize, that you do the hundreds of hours of research (found in the hyperlinked references) we have done and then please share your evidenced-based causal relationships clearly defining your reality with us. By doing this, we can add your version of reality to ours and help create a common reality and thus avoid a political debate. That is what a real scientist would do.

Bottom Line:

We leave it up to the reader to make their own conclusions about these findings and hope they will dig into the areas we did not have time to pursue because we think it should cause every person on the planet to question every politician, scientific journal, and Big Pharma company. To do otherwise is to NOT “follow the science.”

PDF copy of this article: go here.


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