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Extortion is the act of obtaining from a person, by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power, something of value.

Peace, it is what we ALL want:  Peace at home, Peace on the streets, Peace in the Middle East, Peace in the World. In a few short weeks, our radios will be filled with songs extolling, praying, crying for “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward All Mankind.”

But there are some in our country that are declaring there will be no peace – if Trump is elected.  There are some in our country who continue chanting a mantra of fear. They report daily increases in coronavirus infections but not that the coronavirus mortality rate is decreasing.  Our own governor has cast doubt upon an FDA approved coronavirus vaccine being safe. Why? Because it was developed under a Republican administration.  Doctors refuse to consider medications that might save your life. The looters and rioters in our streets have vowed to continue to escalate their attacks if Trump is elected. Schools and businesses remain closed because our Governor believes that is the only way to save lives. Financial aide has been held up until after the election by a Democrat, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to show us she has the power to impact our lives if she chooses to do so, and does not care that more lives are destroyed because of desire for the influence this political power has over us.

We ask you, has your vote been extorted this year?  Have you felt the threat of continued unrest in streets if you vote for Trump?  Have you felt the pressure to continue to distance from your friends and family if you vote for Trump this year?  Have you felt that the vaccine the Trump administration has promised will come too late or not work? Are you voting from fear? 

No matter your monetary wealth, in the United States of America, your most valuable possession is your Vote.

How will you spend that vote this year?  Will you vote because you have been intimidated by the Socialist-Marxist-Progressive takeover of the Democrat Party?  Or will you vote because even the perceived offer of peace in our times is not enough to take away your freedom to vote, not from fear, but from that place inside of you that understands right-beats-might?

`Lorraine Newman