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1 megaphoneHow’s it going in Chaz (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone)

Well, protesters are finding out just what it takes to turn their feelings into effective actions. 

Feeding the masses:

They have a great feeling of compassion for the homeless, so they invited them in to share their food.  The homeless did more than share, they ate it all.  Now there are calls for food donations because the stores that they have tagged are closed.

They feel they should have the right for their more expensive food tastes to be honored – so they have asked that the donations be vegan - soy, oatmeal, veggies, etc.  They may discover that the adage beggars cannot be choosers will come into play on this request.

 They feel a great responsibility to the future including global issues like climate change, yet the feeling of hunger seems to have gotten the upper hand as they have resorted to use “charcoal” fueled barbecues on the street to feed themselves.

2 chaz mkt

Safety for the masses:

They feel that the police in their neighborhood are evil, however according to the Daily Caller they have gone to twitter someone to help them when their possessions are stolen. 

For years, they have felt that gun free zones will make their communities safer in Seattle, yet without the police force they booted out, they are now patrolled by armed citizens.

3 chaz mkt armed

They feel that they need to identify their area, space on earth, from other spaces on earth, so they have put up barricades and are asking for ID of those who enter.  This is no different than nations identifying their space on earth with barriers and border crossings, issues which have been a hot button in Seattle for years.

4 blk barrier

They feel  they can take care of themselves, and are attempting to pick up their own garbage, with mixed results as you listen to interviews from the inside the zone.

They are providing their own first aid on street corners, we do not know how they will feel about allowing an ambulance or paramedic’s access to CHAZ or whether first-responders will feel safe enough to enter the zone.  We do know their actions have slowed down 911 response in the entire area.

“Commerce” for the Masses:

Right now, they are benefiting from the electric service and port-a-potties being provided by those capitalist pigs they claim to hate. These much needed public services have been brought to them by the largesse of the Seattle City Council and the Mayor, although at some point, as they feel their way through their experiment in autonomy they will need to negotiate a way to pay for those needs; there's nothing truly free in life because to receive anything it has to either be given, taken, or traded in exchange for something of value. 

How does it feel to be a business trying to operate inside this new six-block zone?  They are still shut down, first Covid, then rioters, now “peaceful protesters having a love fest” as Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has referred to them. 

There are pleas on a community blog for a bagel shop owner to be allowed through so that they can deliver to their customers. Other owners are saddened by the turn of affairs, while some say it is calmer since the police moved out and the lack of tear gas is welcome. There were rumors the extortionists have arrived, but there are few businesses open in CHAZ to extort from. We are guessing this type of activity would feel justified in CHAZ because Seattle has become a very business unfriendly city in its entirety with or without a zone of protesters.

5 call for food

6 razLeading the masses:

They feel they can be responsible enough as individuals that they do not need organizational rules to operate under.  They have issued a //medium.com/@seattleblmanon3/the-demands-of-the-collective-black-voices-at-free-capitol-hill-to-the-government-of-seattle-ddaee51d3e47">30-point demand list on line. According to twitter accounts they now have a “warlord”,  who has risen to give them rules in the chaos they have created. However, there is enough in-fighting, that leaders may rise and fall rapidly in this new community concept and so may their demands.

How does it “feel” to be a citizen of CHAZ?

Michio Hasai, of NOQ Report states it best,

“This is clearly a dangerous situation, but most involved want desperately to keep it peaceful. It is not just for their own safety but also to make sure the “cause” of Black Lives Matter is promoted. If there are no incidents, they will be able to claim that living free from police and without the “false” constraints of capitalism can happen in America. The problem with their narrative is that they now have a version of “law enforcement,” though one that engages in a different set of laws, and they also have participated in capitalism throughout this communist excursion away from reality.”

`Lorraine Newman