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founding fathers

by Lorraine Newman

Because those old white wigged founders 244 years ago knew what they were doing. 

They knew it was better to be self-reliant than government dependent.

They knew that the guarantee of free speech leads to greater freedom of information and would serve the country's defense and overall safety.

They knew that less government regulations enables people to pivot quickly when faced with difficult problems to solve.

They knew that no one person, be they king or queen, president or commander in chief, should be the sole charge for the welfare of an entire populace.


Because they believed these things, we have an excellent medical system that is dedicated to saving lives not regimes.

Because they believed these things, we knew about the Corona Virus before it reached our shores.

Because they believed these things, our general populace (unlike China’s) has more knowledge about how infectious disease works and the precautions we need to take.

Because they believed these things, it is not the responsibility of a president or a government to save us; we are able to pivot and save ourselves.

We have proved these things to be true time, and time again; through good administrations and bad.

As always, it is ultimately We the People that keep ourselves and others safe. 

And that is the best news of all!