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The New Congress and the Midterm Vote Investigations, by Doris Smith

congressIn a press conference this week, Congressmen James Comer and Jim Jordan laid out plans to investigate the Biden family influence peddling scheme—centering their investigation on Joe Biden himself. They also dedicated themselves to investigating the politicization of the Department of Justice which is targeting and suppressing an increasingly mobilized and awakened citizenry, in addition to attempting to eliminate Donald Trump from politics. You can watch that press conference here. I think it is quite engaging!

Additional investigations are targeting the Department of Homeland Security under Alejandro Mayorkas—-both for its open border and support for Mexican drug cartels policies as well as for its efforts to coordinate with Silicon Valley and the White House in suppressing free speech and dissent. This investigation will lay the groundwork for Mayorkas’ impeachment.


These investigations are a good beginning. But it will become increasingly clear, as the gravity of the economic collapse hits, that a Pecora-type investigation of the Federal Reserve and its Wall Street and City of London enablers is in order, along with an audit of where the U.S. physical economy stands. Ferdinand Pecora was the Congressional investigator during the Franklin Roosevelt administration whose exposure of Wall Street’s perfidies led to major reforms favoring investment in the labor force and the physical economy.  Historical background is here.

A physical audit of the U.S. economy is necessary now to promote the type of “Great Projects” which will allow the economy to leap into the future while mobilizing and training the labor force which is necessary to man a modern infrastructure and nuclear-powered economic platform like the one Senator Hawley is seeking. To get started on this, we the people have begun calling for a nuclear-led industrial renaissance in the critical battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

The key aspect of Trump’s speech, on November 15, 2022, remains his dedication to representing the working-and middle-class constituency which constitutes the MAGA movement against the establishment elites who hate them. The President connects with his supporters as no modern politician has because they see him as fighting to the death for their interests. He also made key allusions to the types of policies which can result in an American technological and scientific renaissance. To overcome the strategic crisis and march toward war, Trump referenced his dedication to missile defense through advanced weaponry, the technology for which he says already exists. He also cited the Artemis project to go to the Moon and Mars as a key science driver. You can read our endorsement of Trump here.

Trump’s statement was accompanied by a remarkable statement by Senator Josh Hawley in the Washington Post of November 18th entitled, “The GOP Is Dead, the New GOP Must Listen to Working People.”

Citing the multiple analyses as to why the “Red Wave” failed to materialize, Hawley correctly states that the problem isn’t turnout technique or tactics as such. These can change.  The problem is substance and program. Hawley then details both the failings of Washington’s establishment and captured GOP, and the program for a new GOP serving the party’s current base and the swing voters and independents who had voted for Barack Obama and then voted for Donald Trump. Hawley’s program is remarkably similar to Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign program. He states:

“The problem isn’t principally the tactics; the problem is the substance. For the past two years, the Republican establishment in Washington has capitulated on issue after issue, caving to Democrats on the Second Amendment and on the left’s radical climate agenda (“infrastructure”). These Republican politicians sided with Big Pharma on insulin and advocated lowering tariffs on our competitors overseas.

“For decades, Republican politicians have sung a familiar tune. On economics, they have cut taxes on the big corporations and talked about changing Social Security and Medicare—George W. Bush even tried to partially privatize Social Security back in 2005. In the name of “growth,” these same Republicans have supported ruinous trade policies—such as admitting China to the World Trade Organization—that have collapsed American industry and driven down American wages.

“This tax-and-trade agenda has hollowed out too many American towns by shipping jobs overseas. It has made it almost impossible to raise a family on one income and to find a good-paying job that doesn’t require a college degree. Our trade deficit with China has cost this country 3.7 million good jobs, while a crisis of drug overdose deaths — particularly among working Americans—has ravaged many of the same communities that have suffered most from deindustrialization. It has all made it harder to stay rooted in your hometown or region. That’s not a record of success. . .

“We can start by stopping the bleeding. No more talk of grand bargains that turbocharge illegal immigration. No more liberalizing the United States’ trade agenda, making us more dependent on foreign adversaries.

No more fiddling with Social Security in the guise of “entitlement reform.” All that should be clear enough.

“But beyond this, it’s time for proactive policymaking. No nation ever got strong by consuming stuff other people make. We need an economy that produces critical goods here, in this country, and creates good-paying jobs for working people. That means tariffs to foster American industry, local content requirements to restore manufacturing and taking the shackles off U.S. energy producers. That means new antitrust laws for Big Tech that will bust up monopolies such as Google and restore competition to the marketplace. And while we’re at it, we should start relocating federal agencies such as the Departments of Energy, Interior and Agriculture to middle America. . ..

“We need explicit support in our tax code for marriage and family, such as a parent tax credit for working families. We should adopt new protections for parents to ensure they control their children’s education and medical care, such as a Parents’ Bill of Rights. And families can’t thrive unless they are safe. That’s why we need 100,000 new police officers on the streets, spread across every state in America.

“Right now, the Republican Party stands at a crossroads. Its leaders can, of course, attempt to resurrect the dead consensus of offshoring, amnesties and “free trade.” That’s the path to further losses.

“A reborn Republican Party must look very different. It must offer good jobs and good lives, not just higher stock prices for Wall Street. And it must place working Americans at its heart and take them as they are, rather than treating them as resources to be exploited or engineered away.”

I am offering these extensive quotes here because Hawley’s own attempt to tweet his editorial was censored by Twitter. Elon Musk is still operating on occupied terrain.

This material comes from Barbara Boyd's research and writing about current events, which I have read. ~ Doris Smith