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In 2016 I never would’ve dreamed that I would intentionally vote for Donald Trump, but I knew that I could not vote for and feared the loss of our nation under Hillary Clinton; the woman who famously said it takes a village to raise our children. “Not on my watch.”

Over the past 4-years I watched, read, listened, and reasoned how a man who was a billionaire would put himself and his family through all of the Russia and Ukrainian and impeachment claims; just to name a few of the things 99% of us could not and would not put ourselves through.

I am a people watcher. I am fascinated by the art of “body language “ and use my understanding of it to read whether people are being honest or deceitful. Watching President Trump over the past 4-years I have never, never seen him postured in anyway other than total openness and transparency.

You might not like the way President Trump delivers his message, but take a moment and stand in his shoes for 1-minute; what choice did he have? The media and news outlets filtered our news 4-years ago, so I believe he did things and said things that allowed him to speak directly to the people without their filter. Now they have stepped up their efforts through outright censorship and strong biases in online search engines.

A transparent government is what the people say they want. That is what President Trump has given us.

Peace and No-More-Wars is what the people say they want. That is what President Trump has given us.

Many of my Democrat friends have said to me, “How could you?” My answer to them is that I am the same person I was when we went to high school ‘and’ how could you vote for Biden? Do you think it’s okay for a 47-year professional politician to not answer critical questions about his families enrichment from foreign deals, or answer serious questions about how canceling the Trump tax cuts is a tax increase on the middle class and the poor and a horrible thing to do to small businesses, or how it is an absolute violation of constitutional civil liberties to elect anyone who would consider another lockdown and/or mandating that people wear anything! I do!

In 3-days the people, the voters, Americans, will have had the peaceful path given them by the U.S. Constitution. Will you vote to continue the dream of a free and equitably administered 'rule of law' and 'civil liberty'? Or is your hate of Trump such that you refuse to see the forest through the trees, truth over lies, transparency over lockdowns? Have the likes of John Brennen, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Twitter, Facebook, Google, et al, poisoned your ability to think logically and critically when shown actual facts?

Do you believe Joe Biden or James Bobulinski?

Do you think that rewarding Antifa and Marxist sympathizers organized as representative of American blacks, who rioted, vandalized, arsonists who beat innocent people and even murdered some, deserve to be rewarded for their actions?

Do you believe that our nation is better than what social media and big media say we are?

Do you want your children to grow up learning to hate their country, their parents, and relatives?

Do you want to be forced to attend classes that shame you and tell you that because you are ‘white’ you are unjustly privileged, your livelihood does not matter, and your opinion does not matter?

Do you want America to be great?

Do you want America to heal?

That can only happen with political leaders who believe this too ‘and’ value all lives, value all freedoms, and understand that they work for and serve the People.

They, the political class, are not gods and we must not treat them as such.

It is time for the people to show the nation that America is great. That America is “Of the People, by the People, for the People, with inalienable rights bestowed unto us by God."

God Bless America - Vote!