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Today's show topics: "How to eat healthy -- to stay healthy -- in the midst of a world of unknowns?" And, "How green and healthy is a green economy?"

Part One: Host Kris Halterman will be joined by Tom Malterre to learn how you can be proactive for your health, help guard against viral and bacterial infections, and stay healthier every day. Tom Malterre, MS, CN, has a master’s degree in nutrition and a certified medical practitioner. will discuss natural ways to stay healthier every day.


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Part Two: Host Kris Halterman is joined by Paul Driessen, senior policy advisor at CFact to talk about the electrification of the nation and more. As Bellingham's political leaders consider whether to take away access to natural gas as an affordable, sustainable, and clean source of energy to run our homes and businesses; what are the dangers of the "Green Economy?"


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