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This article was researched and submitted by EJ Ledet, a local chemical engineer who also specializes in chemical science. Mr. Ledet has submitted this for publication and I have agreed with the caveat that this article is not a recommendation, but an informational resource for readily available supplements like zinc and selinium, which have promising properties in boosting your immune system to stay avoid contracting communicable diseases like the coronavirus.

This is not a medical recommendation and is only published for the benefit of those who are looking for ways to stay as healthy as possible. It is also recommended that you take the time to ask your physician if you are taking any medications that would not interact well with these two mineral/supplements, or if you have any underlying medical issues that may be negatively affected by these supplements

Maybe the best remedy is to boost our immune systems with Zinc supplements. Research on other Corona viruses ( SARS a close cousin of CoV19, MERS , HIV, rhinovirus “cold” virus, ) have used zinc with a carrier (ionophore) molecule ( metal chelate/ligand like “pyrithione,” which in itself is effective against bacteria and fungus of which two commonly known are dermatitis and dandruff.

Once extra cellular zinc, [Zn (II), ZN+2], is transported across the cell membrane via an “ionophore” carrier, zinc interferes with viral RNA polymerase ( aka reverse transcriptase) which causes viral reproduction via human host DNA infection. The malaria drug chloroquine and hydroxy- chloroquine have also been been shown to help transport zinc across the cell membrane ( via chloroquine ionophore).

Antiviral ( Wikipedia)

Chloroquine , a drug used to treat malaria and lupus, also seems to act as a zinc ionophore, that allows extracellular zinc to enter the cell and inhibit viral RNA dependant RNA polymerase.[35][36]

In males, zinc is concentrated in the prostate gland and in semen. Bad news for men whom had their prostrates removed ( ring a bell, anyone?).

Also as we age, our extracellular Zinc levels in blood and plasma decrease. Zinc is a crucial cofactor, mineral, for many enzymatic reactions in the body. Zinc, selinium, and other minerals are all involved in digestion and immune response which is regulated by enzymes; 70 % of our body’s immune response comes from gut microbes. 

I’m attaching resources FYI.

Hope this information helps.





Zinc Pyrithione ( Amazon , 0.25% 4oz spray for dermatitis; 8 oz , 2%  Dandruff Shampoo )

If this product has shown to be effective as a bactericide, fungicide and effective against some Corona viruses (see below reference ) why isn’t FDA and CDC trying it out against CoV19? Or are they?


Zn2+ Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activity In Vitro and Zinc Ionophores Block the Replication of These Viruses in Cell Culture


Role of Zinc in RNA Reverse Transcriptase


Role of ZN(II) in RNA Polymerase


Zinc has been shown to decrease the longevity of a cold, also caused by another Corona virus , by interfering with viral RNA , if zinc is administered /taken at the first sign of a cold.


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