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We in Washington love our coffee.  We share our hopes and dreams over coffee.  We share family news over coffee.  We share the things we have heard that we will not commit to the sterile environs of our social media.  It is the single thing we missed the most during lock downs. Even though we had zoom meetings and skype calls, they were not the same.

From time to time, Liberty Road will share with you the things we have heard over our cups of coffee. More than the news media, what we share over our cups of coffee (or tea) indicate how things are really going in our immediate world in real time.  We trust this information because it comes from real people we have grown to trust over the years. 

Pick up your cup of  coffee and join us…..


Heard from a relative traveling back and forth between Spokane and Harborview for medical care in the last month:

“We have had so much rain in Eastern Washington that even the sage brush is green”

Heard from a relative using an Uber service in Seattle this week:

“The driver was so excited, having just returned from an environmental award ceremony with Past Mayor Jenny Durkin, bubbling over that upcoming weather is a sure sign of global warming.  The rider suggested that perhaps this rise in temperature we will experience this weekend could also be called summer”

Heard at the donut shop on the last day of school in Bellingham, as a student discussed this last school year in middle school:

“The teachers are too nice.  I don’t know what you would have to do to get detention. I feel sorry for the teachers”

The student’s mother’s response:

“That is why we have enrolled at a private school for next year.”

Sitting in the next chair, a friend overheard this response this spring at a local beauty shop to a hair stylist’s question, “So how’s school going this year?”:

“The teacher began to cry and cried during the entire 1 hour of her hair appointment.”

`Lorraine & Kris