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The local chapter of RE Sources for a Sustainable Community sent out a "call to action" to their supporters which urges them to bombard the Whatcom County Council with form letters to ask that the Council vote to extend the Cherry Point Industries moratorium. They made it super-easy for their members to bombard the Council by providing them with a pre-written form letter which they'll submit for them at no cost, this same organization who receives "thousands-of-your-tax-dollars" from this Council. It even contains a special module that let's them add their own personalized touch to the email; then with the click of a  button--WOOSH!, off it goes. Their anything-but grassroots message goes directly into the Whatcom County Council's email inbox, to be counted against the economic future and vitality of our community. Shoot, they've even got a handy-dandy button to make it easy-as-pie to forward this email to the members email contact list.

On June 2nd, 2020 the Whatcom County Council will be hosting a virtual public meeting and voting on whether the moratorium shall be allowed to expire or to continue it for another "six-months." Since 2016 the industries at Cherry Point have not been able to plan for the future. Alcoa's Intalco Aluminum of Ferndale is slated to shutter their operations in July of 2020. Those 770 family wage jobs are going to be greatly missed after we wake up from all of the fiscal spending that has kept our state and county from drying up and blowing away during the economic shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How long does anyone believe it will be before Phillips 66, British Petroleum and Petrogas, closedown operations here too?

You can make your voices heard by contacting the Whatcom County Council to let them know that you support these industries and want the insanity of perpetual moratoriums to STOP!

Introduction of RE Sources email:

Dear Supporter,

Global oil consumption dropped to the lowest levels seen in 25 years amid the pandemic — yet we’ve seen no reduction in dangerous crude oil shipments through northwest Washington. Surplus oil is sitting on "floating storage" vessels. At a moment when there’s more immediate pressure than ever to expand these risky shipments, several Whatcom County Councilmembers are pushing to remove our key local protection: a moratorium on increased pass-through shipments of unrefined fossil fuels via terminals at Cherry Point.