You Pay the Taxes…They Control Your Life. Now What? Whatcom County Redistricting has Completed – Will the Voters be Pleased?

April 21, 2016 Podcast: KGMI Morning Show Host Dillon Honcoop interview with Brett Bonner

Last Fall the Voters approved Proposition 9, “5 Fair and Equal Districts,” which were sold to the voters as a way to unify the County and insure that everyone living in Whatcom County would be able to elect their representative to give their voice weight and the promise of a happier, unified community.

After completing the task of redistricting Whatcom County from three districts, (see the map) with two representatives who each live in the district they represent, and one at-large representative lived and represented the County as a whole…Whatcom County has now been divided into five districts, with one representative who lives in their district, and two at-large representatives who live and represent the County as a whole.

rotten-appleLast Thursday, former Redistricting Commissioner, Brett Bonner shared his views with KGMI’s Dillon Honcoop; on how the redistricting process went, the final results, and why he believes the voters and tax paying citizen’s of Whatcom County have been sold a rotten apple, which does not give everyone a voice in the future of their community.

At this juncture the best solution is to remove the two “at-large,” representatives, which will give a broader, fairer representation of the County, and saves the tax payers money. Who would disagree with that? Not me!

~ Kris Halterman

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The map clearly shows the concentration of power has been seated in Bellingham and the remaining three districts has a high concentration of targeted conservative voters in the farming district, and a moderate smattering of conservatives in the foothills and shoreline districts.

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