Why is Main Stream Media spinning Cannabis so Positively?

Cannabis_leaves The States of Washington and Colorado have recently legalized the sale of recreational cannabis (marijuana’s officially correct name) and you would think that there would at least be a balance of news and editorials on this bookmark of historic change.  But I have noticed a near blackout of any coverage on news or editorials which share the concerns and real-life dangers of cannabis use.  Recreational cannabis use must come with a depth of knowledge for both the products positive “and” negative side effects.  So why only the “Wow!” factor that is given to it every day on local TV news and media of late?  Common sense tells me that there are very powerful forces who are frothing at the mouth to make a lot of money, especially a much needed infusion of tax dollars for an ever expanding size of government.  Of course I could be wrong.  Is it possible that there is only upside to the recreational use of cannabis?  When will cannabis begin to receive the same level of scrutiny that alcohol does?  All things done in moderation can be done safely, but today’s cannabis is not the “weed” of my youth.  Cannabis of the 60’s has undergone a lot of “genetic modification” called GMM (genetically modified marijuana) to target differing desired elements of the plant.

Eventually the majority of people grow up to realize that whether it is cannabis, alcohol, tobacco or pretty much anything, over consumption leads to bad consequences.  So, is it too much to ask that the main stream media in their coverage of legalized, recreational use of cannabis in the news and editorials be given a balance of both the good and bad?  Shouldn’t that be required of any powerful, mind altering drug?  We require it on things which have far less significance such as soda pop, cholesterol, salt, sugar and tobacco…but cannabis appears to be the darling in today’s news.

~ Kris Halterman

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