Why I love America

Some quotes I jotted down as I watched Dinesh D’Souza’s film, “America: Imagine the World without Her.”

America allows you to write the script of your own life. ~ Dinesh D’Souza

America is not the problem. America is the answer. ~ Dinesh D’Souza

America is an ideal. ~ Dinesh D’Souza

Make the Have’s feel guilty and the Have not’s feel resentful. ~ Saul Alinsky

I want to protect and defend the America I grew up in and I’m terrified it’s slipping away. ~ Becky Gerritson

How badly we need a Washington, a Lincoln or a Reagan, but we do have us! ~ Dinesh D’Souza

They divide us with guilt, fear, resentment and envy. America’s leaders should unite us with innocence, assurance, pride, and goodwill. It is the freedom we all enjoy that unites America, builds America, and preserves a better America for us all. ~ Kris Halterman

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