What’s the future for the American Innovator?

On the Saturday Morning Live program of May 10th, 2014 I interviewed Paul Akers to discuss why everyone should want to be their own boss. The shows focus was intended to motivate the listeners to understand that unemployment is a choice.  To highlight the fact that we live in a Country that allows anyone who desires to start their own business to say, “I built that!”   Or, “I did that!”

“If people focus on personal improvement to fix the waste in their life, stop trying to fix what they perceive to be wrong in other’s lives, and accept that business is a necessary and integral part of society’s ability to improve itself…America will be the place our Founders intended it to be.”
~ Paul Akers, Entrepreneur and President of Fast cap, author of “2 Second Lean”
(Interpretation from my conversation with Paul Akers on Saturday Morning Live.  ~ Kris Halterman)


With that said, Paul Akers, a very successful entrepreneur, broke my heart when he admitted that if he had the choice to do it again, he would not.  Not that he wouldn’t start up his own business, but that he wouldn’t do it in the United States because of the regulatory nightmare that the leadership (which is ultimately We the People) have created in our own Country.  There is a beauty to being able to have an idea and bring it to fruition, but having an idea is merely the first step towards innovation.  The process to follow that idea, take a risk and put your idea out there for the marketplace to judge its worthiness and then grow that idea into a profitable business, must happen in a manner that does not abort the idea prematurely. There is a bright spot in human nature that allows us to think outside the box and find ways to accomplish our ideas.  As Paul said on the show; “Water runs downhill and it will always take the easiest way to get there.”  Meaning that the more road blocks we set in front of ourselves that do not bring productivity to our ideas, or our day-to-day lives and businesses, there will come a shift to find a way (or a place) that will allow for that creative spirit and productivity to flourish.

Liberty_Rising_2 In today’s global economy it is increasingly easier to manufacture and produce elsewhere, market your product globally and ship it to the consumer.  And, there are many places in the world that have a lot of hungry people to shelter, protect and nourish.  Are we going to step up and deal with this issue?  If we truly wish to be the beacon to a free world, provide shelter to protect and nourish ourselves, continue to live up to the ideals of a great nation built from the fruits of spiritual freedom and creativity, then we must work together to rebuild the bridge to our beacon, Lady Liberty.

Paul Akers has shared his most recent video of how China is becoming the industrial, manufacturing and technological leader in the world.  His video shares a unique perspective and dispels the myth that China is in anyway a backwards country.  China is on the move and you do not need to be a speed reader to know the ending…or to change it.


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