What’s In a Name?

Man_in_the_MoonGlenn Beck’s “Man in the Moon,” event over this Fourth of July celebration hosted a number of speakers. One of those speakers was bestselling author, Brad Thor.  Mr. Thor’s message was to call on the audience to question if the label is as important as the message?  The message is what is contained within a label and determines the reception of the customer.  There have been many labels applied to similar if not identical themes.  Let me illustrate some for you here:

  • Gelatin vs. Jell-o
  • Tissue vs. Kleenex
  • Software vs. App
  • Reform vs. Fairness or Security
  • Chance vs. Opportunity
  • Job vs. Career
  • House vs. Home
  • Domestic or Household vs. Family
  • Customer vs. People

Well, I’m sure you get the message.  The ingredients, or message inside the label is what is most important, not the label itself.  The label is merely what’s used to attract the most people to the process.  The success of any struggle is in how it is messaged and communicated.  That is what I have always admired about the progressive movement, because even when others think that they’ve defeated the reformers from a new enlightened (progressive) reason to  convince us to give-up (take) our stuff for the good of the community, that’s never the case.  Just give it time and you will see the same message wrapped up in a new label, over and over again, until it the people are fooled that this label is different and they buy it.  That is what’s meant by let the buyer beware.   It is a strategy that we can use, because the foundation of truth is always worthy of our energies.

~ Kris Halterman


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