Whatcom County needs to hit the Planning Attitude Reset Button


2016-07-05_2248There is a new  informational booklet out there about Bellingham that asks are we “Failing to Plan or Planning to Fail?”   It is a pertinent question in light of the recent news that we at the bottom of the 50 worst places to live in the United States.  We need to start asking what has gone wrong here?
Perhaps part of our problem can be gleaned from this article from the Charleston Post Courier, “The Mega-Developments.”Nexton, on the edge of Summerville, is part of a wave of 11 mega-developments approved to build enough homes for 200,000 people across the tri-county area. Nexton’s plan includes an urban-style commercial area with a hotel, office building and apartments.

For those interested in developments, especially mega-planned developments, this is a good read. It highlights development issues faced in the Charleston, South Carolina area. It speaks of both the positives and negatives. This upbeat article tells how people on all sides worked together and focused on solving problems rather than just say no to everything. The last sentence says it all, about a community that is willing to face a changing future unafraid, and shape it into a place for all.

An open concept outdoor gathering place for residents of the new Summers Corner is in the heart of the master-planned community in Summerville. “Berkeley County” will continue to push for industrial and commercial growth, so our residents are able to live, work, raise a family and play here in Berkeley County,” he said. “We want to make sure that our residents can continue to enjoy the beauty of rural, Berkeley County.”

Perhaps it is time for Whatcom County leadership to hit the reset button and plan with the positive attitude of Berkley County, South Carolina

~ Lorraine Newman

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