Whatcom County Health Dept. Seeks Change in Septic Inspection Ordinance

Attention all septic owners in Whatcom County, your ability to self-inspect is in jeopardy. The Whatcom County Health Department is seeking a change in county ordinances regarding your septic systems. The change would disallow any self-inspections of your septic system. Why? Because they claim some people are cheating on their inspections. Who? That’s up for debate as they have not disclosed that to the Whatcom County Council. When? This will be up for discussion on Tuesday, Jan. 24th, 2017, at the 1:00 PM Public Works, Health and Safety Committee Meeting (chair Barbara Brenner) and likely introduced at the Whatcom County Council’s evening meeting on the same day, at 7:00 PM, in the Council Chambers.

septic_inspection_1The County’s Health Department is taking the State Supreme Courts questioning in their Hirst decision, that the public should not be allowed to responsibly and skillfully inspect their own private septic systems. What does this mean to all septic systems in Whatcom County? Increased costs, regulatory compliance reporting, and more invasion of your private property rights. The Health Department should be asked to prove that there are people cheating on their inspections and then ask why these people are not being fined for their actions? The vast majority have proven themselves to be honest and capable of doing an annual inspection themselves. These same individuals are already required to have their septic systems professionally inspected every four-years.

Please share this information with your family, friends and neighbors, who will be impacted by this type of ordinance and likely are not aware of this drastic, proposed change to their private property rights.

Notice from WCRA – Eskridge on Septic Inspec Change AB2017-053 Septic Inspection Proposal 2017-Jan 24 Council Agenda Link to Proposed WA State Leg Fix for “Hirst Case”

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