Whatcom County Council Plans to Protect their Majority by Denying Voters Theirs

The Whatcom County Council in an unprecedented move have added four items at the last minute to their Tuesday, June 23rd agenda. At this writing the ordinances may already have been approved by a “consent agenda,” whereby the members would not have to publicly discuss and vote on each individual ordinance.

The Council’s actions show that they desire to deny the voters (who placed the Charter Review Commissioners into office) the opportunity to bring forth their suggested revisions to the County Charter.

The Charter Review Commission (elected by the voters from each of the three Districts in Whatcom County) have approved to amend the Charter to allow for District Voting as opposed to the countywide voting that is the current law. Countywide voting gives District 1 a distinct advantage to elect representatives that are beholden to the City of Bellingham and an “urban” agenda. If the voters approve District Voting in the upcoming November General Election, then each County Councilperson would be elected by the people who live in their district, and would be directly responsible to represent the people who actually live in their district. Stay tuned for more on this desperate move by the current County Council who received a big political boost from money spent by the Washington Conservation Voters, who received a major amount of their funds from billionaire, Tom Steyer.

The Washington Conservation Voters blitzed the county (with Tom Steyers financial help) with negative campaign ads in the 2013 elections against Councilperson Bill Knutzen and Kathy Kershner. Political ads consisted of postcards intimating that Knutzen and Kershner poison ditches and starve homeless children. Bill Knutzen was and still is a huge advocate for fishing in the Pacific Northwest, and served on numerous water policy commission proudly. Kathy Kershner served her country as an honorable military officer, and after leaving military service she made a career of helping the mentally-ill in Whatcom County.

Washington Conservation Voters and Tom Steyer spent $750,000.00 in the 2014 elections in a failed attempt to place WCV and Steyer friendly politicians in the 42nd District State Senate and House, and another failed attempt to elect Charter Review Commissioners who would work to ensure a smooth road to control all of Whatcom County far into the future.

WC Council Consent Agenda June 23rd, 2015

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